Wednesday, September 9, 2009


oii cik paz.stop the clumsiness already.haih.

i just spilled a soya bean drink worth rm2 SPLAT to the floor.the WHOLE bag of it..i dunno how it happens but it happened already.but the lesson for now is,don't ask me to do smthing when im doing smthing else.apekejadah la aku ckp means,let me focus on doing only ONE thing and don't ask me to do dis n dat n dat wthout helping AT orders are not helping oke..mentang2 aku da taraf bibik kat uma neh..i even look like a bibik.with messy hair,baggy n worn out clothes..hoho..sangat hodoh kn? pasal tu la i single.ahax!

btw,when does dis clumsiness crap is going to endddd..?? u know bout all the cuts n bruises n burns i've gotten into few days back,yeah im still doing it.tgn dah rupe mcm mangse,i dunno how i got them bruises.tau2 tgh basuh tgn japgi,pedihh jer..i think my mind is outer space whole system is being controlled by emotions.ngee...jgn mngarot la paz,sepak kang. -_-"

and wat is it with referring myself as a 3rd person?? gile ape..gua da tahap kne jmpe shrink da neh -_-"..

oh yeah..i've confessed to smone dat im giving up on him.yeah just saying it though..but i do hope i can get over him..if he doesn't want me anymore,than just let me have the heart to give it to smone new..mayb im just not good enuff for him..or,the other way still in love with him,but i do hope by saying dat im giving up,it wud make me feels a bit distance..

well.eventually im going to leave him anyway.20 more days left people.just,20 more days..

i can say whatever i want but deep inside,only i know how i feels.right?

ouh and,mlampawkah jika aku mintak atos itu dibawa bersama ke mesir?? YES.melampaw! -_-"


HiRdA FaMiLa said...

huhuhuh weee :p

wink wink (^,^)

afiqah said...

hehe,jgn k.faz..kang kargo telebih berat.atoz cicir di awan kang.
move on.
life is not all about love fer him.
tau x.eqa penah rase teruk sgt dulu. bile dah sebulan.i realized dat i must ignore sume feelings tuh.move on.n get a new life besame kwn n famly.mse 2 i seda.hidup ni..jgn telalu obses kat love.n jgn mudah bagi cinta i2 kat org yg tak sepatotnye.

fuzzyskuzzy said...

nk bwk jgkk!! hahah ;p

ermm yah i know..finally im trying to move on..its a start bebeh..hehe..klo tol jodoh ngn dia,mayb ktorg akn disatukan jgk nti..i mcm da jdi letih la pk dia je..agipon,i nk fly ngn ati yg tenang..i xnk ter pk2 je nnti.. ;) nwayy thxx eqa! muahxx!

afiqah said...

congratulation syg!!yeeah!move on ogeh!
bialah jodoh n takdir ten2 kan:)