Saturday, September 19, 2009


i just had a long and rough day yesterday and i don't need any sarcasm or annoyance. -_-"

i only had a two hours of sleep yesterday,then hav to get up early coz had a plan to go to wangsa melawati to pick up my baju raya..janji nk smpai sane around,went to pick up lily 1st at her house..i notice smthing is wrong with the car..tot it was just the alignment..but then,i felt really weird.n i heard noises.COMING FROM THE CAR.and at dat time we are out from tol already..i had a bad feeling so i stopped d car at d side of d road.TAYAR sial..then lily called his dad..he told us to use d emergency phone.heh.luckily i stopped my car not dat far from the phone..but still,have to many honking.grrr...even from the fireman! gile! klo ko nk tlg xpe gak!!! lpas hon lambai2 plak.igt aku buat show ke tepi highway tu? *emo* oke then the plus people come..1 malay n 1 indian.pakcik malay was being nice,but the pakcik indian was not.membebel jek..his not the one who had to changed the tire pon,dat pakcik malay yg buat.but he's acting like he's such a boss.mcm ttuuutttt...~ saje je mahu mnimbulkn prasaan racist dlm diri aku.huh..oke then da settled,drove to wangsa.and and,i've already give ALL of his stuff back.lily yg tlg bgi snanye.heh.thx now,me n him,TOTALLY OVER.hopefully..........i dun want to say much cuz im afraid of wat might happend in d future wud backfire me,but,for now,lets just pretend dat me n him never knew each other pon..hrmm...

after dat went to klcc..punye lah mamai,smpai lupe kt mne park kete.heh.after dat took the train n went to masjid jamek,shopping started raining.hoho.around 5 we headed back to klcc..ouh,then my craving for chili's mashed potato xdpt dtunaikan.sob2.rmai gile nk mampos beratur kt situ.huh..sokey,during raya i'll come again!! break-fasting at spice of india ke ape tah..sdap ;)..hrmm i was actually looking for blue blouse for the egypt departure but can't find any dat can b considered as pretty.sume HODOH.huhuhu...dat type of blue is seriously not my won't suit me.. -_-" after break-fasting,went for laz shopping n then head home..wanna know how much is the price for the parking ticket? RM25.50! hahaha! amekk kauuu...!! ouh then mse nk kua parking tu,tibe2 xjmpe tiket parking tu! -_-" we're both mamai n mcm tercarik2 everyweher for it...siap slongkar beg dgn klam kabutnye sbb tkut kete blkg mrh..hahah!

d lesson is,have a good night sleep before a big can prevent u from being silly.

ouh jumpe mamat rasta yg kacak itu di klcc.dia sudah kenal saye slepas saye mng add dia di myspace.dia pndg dan senyum.waaaaaahhhhhh sgt comeeeelllll!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D he really made my day.after a long n rough day,i had a reason to smile..ngehehehe...

so.raya is coming people! and so does me going to egypt..takot wehhh! da lme x stdy,berkarat otak.haha..hopefully everythings gonna be having my raya in bangi as usual,dtg lah if u guys r free..hee..ouhhh and if u guys love me dat much,do send me to KLIA! ;p i wud really appreciate it flight is on the 29th September 2009, 11pm! but i have to be there at dtg lah,balik awal pon wud b such an honour to see some of d familiar faces b4 i have to take off n God knows when we'll ever gonna meet again right?? ;)

dats it for now.ouh pesanan terakhir:


later~~  ;)

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