Tuesday, September 1, 2009


i forgot about dis song,until a fren post it in facebook,n yah it is soooo cooll to b reminded dat there's such song dat u cud listen to when ur THIS pissed off..

thxx afzan ;)


fuck it - eamon
see i don't know why
i like you so much
i gave you all,all of my trust
i told u
i loved u
now dats all down the drain
u put me through pain
i wanna let u know how i feel

fuct wat i said
it don't mean shit now
fuct the present might as well throw 'em out
fuct all those kisses they didn't mean jack
fuct you,you hoe
i don't want you back

you thought you could
keep this shit from me yeah
you burned bitch
i heard the story
you played me
you even gave 'em head
now ur asking for me back
its just another act
look elsewhere cuz ur done with me

u question did i care
u could ask anyone
i even said u were my great one
now its over
but i do admit im sad
it hurts real bad
i can't sweat dat cuz i loved a hoe

* sronok jike saye mmpunyai pendirian tetap spt ini.benci adalah BENCI.

** i wonder if life would be easier if i am as HOTT as u wish i'd be.maaf.saye tak hot dan saye tak cool.saye nerdy.

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