Friday, September 11, 2009

a letter to a long lost friend

dear friend,

i haven't heard from u since are you? i hope u'r fine.. ;)

OMG it has been a long time dude..i don't even know where to start..n how to start a conversation with u..yah,its awkward now..funny right? looking back at those years,you n i were such close with each other..we're like the bestest of least i thought u were ;)..i still want to be ur bestfriend tho..i know things has been very different lately between us..and i know we haven't talk for a long time..but its hard for me to accept the fact that u'r now gone from my life..ur not my bestfriend fact,i dun know if we're still frens..u ignored me totally..i understand y u did this,n im not really mad at u.but i just never tot dat it cud be this serious..

i know ur happy with ur gelfren..and i am VERY happy for you,too ;)..u guys are such a cute couple..u know how i support u onto this relationship right..? n u know i wud be happy for u if u think dat u hav really found ur true love..but still,i surely hope u still rmmbr what i've told u before..i dun want bad things to happen again to u..rmmbr ur ex?? n how badly u get when she dumped u?? i don't want to see u at dat state anymore..i hope ur gf right now will never hurt u dat way..neways from wat our frens had told me,u guys seems to be glad to hear dat..hope u can go through every obstacles wthout getting out of track..n yeah,dun throw ur handphone doww..dats not d right thing to do..u end up wasting money buying new handphone.LOL.

hrmm..i think u have already know dat i wanted to go to egypt,soon..and deep inside me,i really hope dat i would see u before i left..coz i really miss u as a friend..u should tell ur girlfriend dat im not stealing u or anything..i don't want u to be my lover la duhh,i just want u to b my friend..coz,i really miss those old days..rmmbr d day we went outing together n there's 7 guys and im d only girl?? n rmmbr d day when we walked from giant back to college,n the girls get harrased by a stupid wira driver?? hahaha..i rmmbr it clearly..n i rmmbr been given the honour to pour the freezing cold water onto you on ur bday.. i rmmbr ur willingness to accompany me to eat at Wau eventho at dat time ur doing smthing else..and also ur willingness to accompany me to go to the 7E in the nite or at anytime whenever im afraid to walk alone..i rmmbr shouting at u in the exm hall after u play with my tudung n get me pissed off..[ i almost cried ok after dat ] and i rmmbr u buying me kit kat n put it in my bag just to say ur sorry.. :)

i appreciate all the lesson u've told me,directly and indirectly..ur the smart one,u always teach us..i can never beat u in ur score..but smtimes i beat u..haha..but never in chemistry la,ur always good in dat field ;)..OMG its 3years of friendship my friend..3,long years of seems like i've known u forever..and i can't bear to lose u like this..with no particular reason..ur my bestfriend dude! we shared almost EVERYTHING not asking for not asking for us to be like how we used to..i just want u to TALK to me..sms me or wat so ever..i only heard bout ur story from our frens..luckily they're still my friends..i hate to lose a fren,especially a good one like YOU.

well dear friend..i hope u n ur gf will always be happy..just,never forget me,eventho we're not like wat we're used to be,but i sincerely can never forget u just like dat.i love you friend.take good care of urself.n i hope u'll suceed in everything u do..which i know you will ;)..make good money after graduating oke? hehe.well.i hav so much to say actually,but the main point has already been stated.


a friend of yours

* unikopians pasti tahu aku cakap pasal sape kan.OBVIOUSLY! ;p *


mei said...

faz T_T

fuzzyskuzzy said...

npe mei sdeyh..ptt kite yg sdeyh..hahaha ;p

ringo said...

awal2 tulisan,
ok,ini sedih.

time bahagian baling henpon,
gelak guling2.rekod balingan adalah 100% di mana dua dibaling dan kedua-duanya rosak.

makin bawah,

bawah lagi,
plz stop writing.dah sedeh melampau.

da abes,
fuck.entri sedih macam bangsat T_T

*aku jarang menangis

fuzzyskuzzy said...

hahaha..yeke weh,ranap dua2 ke fon dia? tu la aku ckp,jgn baling enfon ;p

heee..sedeyh? uhuk.tu ko yg bc..aku yg rase?? huhu...

BaZLi said...

hope sgt budak tu bace blog ni..
kalau xde perasaan gak,ntah ah,mmg da kronik ah tu T_T

leely said...

touching baca thp 100% T_T