Thursday, September 3, 2009


miracle water.haha.bukan2. ;p

one miracle had occured so so so soooo happy bout it!! :D

my cds which hav been stuck in my cd player in my car,for more than 2 weeks already,tibe2 kua sndri dari player tu! both of them! hahahahahahahahhahaha! trime kasih atos ku kerane memuntahkn cd tu..saye sgt gembire ;p

its not my fault bro borrowed my car,n he ALWAYS 4got to take out the cd pas dgr..gipon dat day,i've already push the eject button to make sure there's no cd in it n nthing came i put my cd in la! n dats how it happen in d 1st place..2 cd in a player..uhuk..seb da normal! uyeehhh!!~

ouh btw shooping therapy really helps u when ur feeling down dow..tak caye try!

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