Monday, September 21, 2009


i've been single for almost 4 months.
felt REALLY single for 4 days.
going to egypt in 8 more friggin days.
felt guilty for an hour.
drooling over farid kamil since forever.!!


i never knew time could pass by so fast,especially when ur going into some really new environment soon.i mean,REAL everything felt so real lately huh? hehe.ouh kinda excited for egypt.its not about the egypt thing really,but its the course im taking..i've been wanting to do medic so baddd n know i got the chance n i PROMISE myself to study not going to play around like wat i've done in skool n in college back on those days.i know i can do better than that..the fact that my dad n the whole family had sacrifice much for me,n the money they're paying for me to do dis course is A LOT.i dun want to let them down..naah.

OMG,8 days left.i wud really really reallyyyy love to do this things before i fly:

- photoshoot wit the people dat i love.
- drive n drive n drive until i got tired of it.
- eat the deliciously malaysian cooking, the Chilli's mashed potatoes, n also Kenny Roagers!
- attend aimi's sister wedding.haha.
- karaoke for d last time!!!

n also,spent quality time with family.haha.luckily i didn't go working or watsoever duirng my holidays..i think i've already spent a whole lot of time with them..i know they'd miss me.haha!

ouh,smpat tak cari pacar baru? boleh uat telemovie ni,8 hari mencari cinta.hahahahahahahahahahaha

oke dah merepek.bye. ;p


ringo said...

-budak faz nh menggatal la

-belaja elok2 kt egypt.jangan malas2 cm aku. haha.
(tah berape kali aku pesan belaja elok2 nh)

-8 hari lagi yea,penuhilah setiap saat dengan aktiviti yang bermakna.jgn asek tdow je

-oh ya,8 hari sempat tukar2 patblas bf lagi.semoga berjaya.haha

-im going to missss you

-i mean like really really..

fuzzyskuzzy said...

ne de mggatal.xde2.

hahahaha..baekkkkkkkkkkkk :D:D

yah i going to friggin' missing u tooooooooo!!! i miss u already!! hantar aku kat airport taw! WAJIB!!! ;p