Wednesday, September 23, 2009

i say...

u see.i hav no intention if being racist at all..but people,the community,is like,pushing me towards becoming one! oke2 sebelom aku dtahan,dimaki or watsoever,AKU TAK RACIST LA! 1Malaysia! yeahhh!! haha..

ok.i was queing in line at an atm machine in front of me,was 4 african guys(i think they're african..or jamaican...or or yeah or watever la)..3 of them are together,but 1 of them mcm not in d geng la.n so,i dunno how they even QUE mennnn!! kjap dok lam barik,kjap kua,pastu msk blk,im like hey wad de fish LOL.n the 3 guys,they're acting like oversized,seriously.playing tags,running all over the place,cannot sit still..ugghhh annoyingnyeeee!!~~

ouh btw,i felt guilty eating baskin robbins today.people look at me as if it is still in ramadhan and im so sinful for eating in d public.LOL.

tujuan aku ke putrajaya? tiade.jalan2 cari pacar agk nye ;p

* click at pictures for larger view

ouh and for d pictures...maaf lah tiade model.its fun to b by urself for quite a while. ;)

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