Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Saturday, February 25, 2012

kompius jap

aku kompius ni....

tak ingat aku pernah bagitahu ke tak sebelum ni, org Egypt ni sukaaaaaaaa sgt ngn org Malaysia. suka ajak kawen. dulu2 masa 1st year hari2 kot ade orang ajak kawen. balik malaysia masing2 pakat beli cincin so that lepas ni kalau kena tanya tunjuk je cincin. konon2 dah kawen la. pastu kalau keluar,ada lelaki bersama pon, mmg biasa la kalau lelaki tu akan jadi suami olok2 buat awek2 yg dibawa bersama..haha..sampai 4 bini pon pernah ok. haha ok tu dekat Alex. kahkah.. ha tapi mcm tu lah antara dugaan dengan orang arab ni ha. gatai bebenooo. :p

jadi hari ni,setelah sekian lama tak diganggu sedemikian, tiba2 terkena pulak.cite dia, nak pergi metro, bertiga..tahan lah satu teksi ni..pastu masuk2 je dia cakap, dia nak kawen dengan orang malaysia. lepas tu mula la dia tunjuk2 kitorang. kitorang bertiga memang gelak tak berhenti la, bukan apa, terasa mcm 1st yr kena mcm ni..sbb dah lama tak kena kan..huhu..masa tu duduk blkg, aku duduk tgh..ok, dia tnjuk mmbe yg dekat pintu sebelah knn..dia tnya, awak dah kawen? pastu mmbe aku ckp la, dah dah. sambil tunjuk cincin. pastu dia bebel2 mcm nk kata "ala melepas satu." kah3..ok pastu dia ckp dgn mmbe aku yg blkg seat dia, dah kawen belom..membe aku mcm ter speechless kejap. lepas tu driver teksi tu cakap lagi, dia nk kawen org malaysia, awak tanak kawen ngn org egypt ke..terus membe aku cakap, aah memang tak nak pon. pastu dia bebel2 lagi. pastu, dia tnjuk aku plak, awak dah kahwin? aku pon angguk2 tunjuk cincin, siap dah buat poker face lagi..pastu dia cakap "tak, tak, awak tak kahwin lagi. saya tahu awak tak kahwin lagi" pastu aku bengang la kan, aku tunjuk cincin tu lagi sekali..dia tenung cincin aku 4 saat,pastu dgn konfidennya cakap "tak,awak tipu,awak tak kahwin lagi" lepas tu mulalah dia bebel2 nk ajak aku kawen.gaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!

masalahnye aku kompius, kenapa dia tanak percaya aku dah kawen, tp mmbe aku sorang tu dia percaya plak. ape, muka aku tak layak jadi bini orang ke hah? *muka serious*

Thursday, February 16, 2012

cintaku tertinggal di Istanbul~

alhamdulillah, the journey went well!

my winter break escape to istanbul turkey was hell of a fun. and Istanbul is, MasyaAllah, so pretty! the country and yes,the people too are pretty. :3 can't help to feel overwhelmed by all the pretty faces surrounding me especially inside the tram. haha.. ok gatal. ;p

the best part of the trip is, we actually gain something. knowledge. and we actually get to know a bit on how Islam come to Istanbul, which is through Sultan Ahmet I...btw sedih sebenarnya to know the real situation in Turkey. like, they all know that they're actually a Muslim,but not many who r actually practicing it..and mostly because of the rules changed by Atarturk. one example, their working days are like Malaysia, monday to friday. so on friday during the friday prayers, if you work with the government, they won't let you to go out to the mosque and pray. because its working time and you have to work. people who work for themselves jer (like org yg bkak kedai or bisnes sendiri) is allowed to go for friday prayers. oh n one thing that i get from them is that, they r very honest! our tourist guide named Ahmad, he told us that most of Muslim in Turkey,they don't pray.......until they reach a certain age like 50 and above,only then " they start to search for jannah" -- his exact word. we were like, errrrrrrrr owkkaayyyhhhh.... >.<

so beside all the pretty places and the pretty faces, it was a knowledgable trip. plus, i love the company <3 walaupon kat kelas masing2 takdelah rapat sangat, but we get along very well in Istanbul. dan aku suka perasaan bercuti (well who doesn't)..terlupa sekejap dgn masalah dunia yg remeh temeh ni. huhu..

inside Aya Sofya, once a church then became a mosque

Bascilia Cistern, underground water reservoir. where Medusa's head is found hewhew

salah satu tiang yg ada medusa's head

the other one. now the qs is, y both of them is terbalik? :)

view from the Bosphorus Cruise

playing with the snow!! ^^ at Mount Uludag, Bursa. 4 hours journey from Istanbul

11 orang mansourians. <3 

k i've been delaying this post for too long. have to publish it now. maaf lah tak bercerita sepenuhnya mngenai turki. there's just too much to tell, you just have to experience it on ur own. cewah. hahaha. 

p/s: tetapkanlah hatiku ya Rabb.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

farewell mansoura!

after a full semester of loyally being with u, finally gonna leave mansoura for a bit.finally my time to have my winter break moment. a sweet escape. hewhewhew. i hope everything will went fine. going to a place with a currently -10celcius temperature is scaring the shit out of me, seriously. an Egypt weather of 6 celcius has made my brain froze, i dunno what a negative temp would do to me. hopefully i won't froze. lol. oh n yeah, im also worried that the temperature will ruin my camera. oh my baby, please please please don't get condensed or whatsoever. im planning to keep you as long as I can. xoxoxo.

this time it felt different. last year,im feeling kinda sad to leave mansoura...well this year, i just can't wait! hik3. i reaallyyyyy hope the trip will went well. pray for our safety throughout the journey yea? :)

where im heading? hee. later you'll know ^^ aahh can't wait to snap lots and lots of pictures!

btw this is a scheduled post. by the time this is posting, i was supposed to be inside the plane already.wee~~

see ya in another 6 days!

p/s: its a getaway. by the time i've finished holiday-ing, i hope i can forget you completely. :)