Thursday, June 30, 2011

a delayed hurray! :p

its been awhile..heee..

so,i have already finished my exam on the 21st..yey! and now waiting eagerly *EAGER habisss* for the result...which,i dunno when will be out but hopefully before 3rd of july..if not,sia2 lah amik tiket 3 july. T__T the exam went,hurm,okay i guess..but still have to crossed my fingers and hopes that the doctors will consider my 'goreng-an' answer..i did a lot of frying u know. >.< gaaahh feel scared just by thinking of it..moving ooonnn~~

so y does it take so long for me to update this blog? because right afeter my exam, i was busy training for basketball match with alex..hee.i was only a sub player,but yeah it was fun..mansoura team had take a great lead but then on the last 2 frames everyone is just so tired and alex won by 4 points. fair game though, alex was kinda cool :):)

2 days after that, my housemates and i went to cairo,and did some shopping at hussein and asfour..asfour is a famous place we go to buy crystals..which is,comparing to other part of the world might be the cheapest one available,like seriously..its cheap and pretty... :D but if u want to buy those big lamps and chandelier of coz its costy but knowing that its crystal,its worth a buy.rasa macam nak membuli bakal husband nk meminta lampu dari sni utk rumah akan datang.boleh tak? HAHA! ouh and hussein,is actually a place near the hussein mosque (It is named for the grandson of Muhammad SAWHusayn ibn Ali, whose head is believed by some to be buried on the grounds of the mosque) , khan el khalily is what the egyptian called it if im not mistaken..something like pasar malam at our place,but it sells those pretty souvenirs to be brought yeah its a tourist spot, bila pergi the sellers wud go like " harga runtuh, harga gila, harga murah " haha but i rmmbrd last semester we went there n there's this one person go shouting confidently " HARGA MAHAL GILA " agagaga..pity him..i wonder who's responsible for that :p

after cairo,went back to mansoura feeling as flat as i could be. penat ya ampunnn! so for the past few days im just sitting in my bed laze around watch movies and basically that's all i've been up to..hahaha..see, im a very busy person. :p

btw,3 more days left for my journey home, will be ariving at KLIA at 4th of july in the morning. yeay! can't wait to be hoommeee..but at the same time, im kinda missing mansoura a bit,hee..the feeling everytime before my summer break..hurmm.. :-S

thats it. gonna write more soon.taa~

p/s: i feel bad for what i have done to you recently, but its a spontaneous act. i'm sorry for not saying a single word to you, i'm sorry for not even lifting my head to look at your face. it hurts so bad, i'm afraid i might burst into tears, or worse, screaming and being mad again at you. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

same ol same ol

aku rasa kalau aku kawen nanti, mesti husband aku lagi glamour dari aku. sebabnya,semua orang macam tak sabar2 nak suruh aku ade boyfren. tapi aku pon tak paham kenapa.. 

macam ni lah kawan-kawan. ape kate,korang carikan? suruh masing-masing hantar resume,pastu nnti aku baca and aku evaluate sendri..agak2 berkenan ate boleh le jumpe ye dalam resume tu nanti,jangan lupa suruh masing-masing sertakan :-

  • gambar berukuran pasport (senang nak simpan dalam wallet. kih3)
  • butir-butir peribadi ( seperti tertera dalam I/C)
  • pendapatan bulanan (kalau belajar lagi,boleh la bagitahu samada korang di sponsor mana2 pihak, seperti MARA, JPA, yayasan atau hanyelah tanggungan PA-MA enterprise)
  • sila beri penerangan diri tidak melebihi 140 patah perkataan.
  • kalau nak markah lebih,boleh lah sertakan lagu/sajak/puisi atau apa2 je utk tatapan para juri. kalau sweetness meter bunyi ting3 tu ha reject lah konfem tipu.ayat semata-mata.. hua3!
  • boleh jugak nak bagi hadiah ke apa. yang penting jgn mandrem lah yer. :D
macam ni kan senang. silap2 setiap seminggu aku tukar boyfren. itupon kalau ade yang mnghantor resume nye..kalau takde,acaner plak? kuang3...

okey sila take note yang saya hanye bergurau okey. kau gila apa, cari calon suami ke calon apa macam ni? >.< takpe,org skrg ni jumpe 10minit je,taaruf,terus kahwin..ate kalau yg taaruf tu anwarhadi,kenapa harus di reject! :D:D:D

p/s: sebenarnya ade satu paper lagi tapi tah kenapa malas bebeno nak study,tu tulis blog kejap.hihi.okay2 back to my reading.chao~ :D

p/p/s: saya tak desperate. saya tak mencari pon. tapi kalau awak datang, saya terima jer. :p

Monday, June 13, 2011

omo omo!

MCQ - 15 JUNE 2011 (12PM-2.30PM)
ESSAY - 18 JUNE 2011 (12PM-2.30PM)
OSCE - 21 JUNE 2011 (10AM)

ape omo omo? omohyoid muscle lah.hahaha..haaa kat mana origin? insertion? action? hahaha.rindu abg amin.okey random. >.<

there goes my jadual exam..ticket flight pon dah ada.nak aku upload ke? HAHA.tak payah..aku sampai malaysia 9 pagi 4 july,okey karpet merah please :D

wish me luck! ^___^

p/s: as much as i want to say hye to you right now, i might as well not. 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

hello my date!

lets go to Pavillion..
we have lunch at Madam Kwan's..then we'll watch movies..after the movie,we'll go and have a walk..window shopping or maybe actually buy something..and hey,that shirt looks good on you :) then we'll get tired from all the walk..lets go to baskin robbins..we'll ordered fondue..haha,of coz,have our picture,LOTS of pictures.we'll talk about the movies we just handsome the hero would pretty the heroin is..we'll laugh at the jokes,we'll be making memories. :) its late,we have to head home,or else we'd be stuck in the jam..and we leave with happy thoughts in mind,and have a pleasant dream of us together later that night. :D

lets go to Mid Valley..
we'll have brunch at sushi king! and we would be grabbing at each other's funny. :D we'll have a look at the pet shop,and i'd annoyed you with my whinning on how cute everything is,but you wouldn't'll just smile :) we'd go to the cinemas,but there's no fun movies are we'll go bowling instead..we will play 3 games..hey,i won 1 of it okay! the other 2 games that you won are just'll laugh at my bowling shoes coz its funny..i'll laugh at u when u throw ur ball..because u look a cute way of coz. ;p ouh we had so much fun! lets go inside the arcade..ouh this has always been ur favourite,u and games :) then we'll just walk..and u would help me choose which necklace is prettier at Diva..its evening..lets go to delicious..we ordered cakes..and we shared them together..i'd eat one big piece and you would tease me of being fat..grrr..we talked, we laughed, we smiled. :D and then its time to go we wish that time has not been gone that fast...

lets go anywhere..
coz anywhere would be fun,as long we're together. <3

p/s: tunggang terbalik dah grammar..gaaahhh!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

kisah aku dan kasut

you should know how much obsessed and how much i reaallyyy wanted to own an oxford shoes! dari sem lepas cari kasut tu...and bila jumpa,somehow takde size lah ape lah.sedih sangat T__T...then haritu pergi city stars kejap shopping release tension,and of course the shoes is definitely in my list!

al kisahnye pergi berdua jer..hee..pastu,duit pon tak cucuk smpai2 city star je mmg mcm tutup sblh mate lah dlu sebab tgh takde duit kalau duit tak boleh bwk keluar mmg tak shopping lah kan.haha! masuk je wlaupon sambil menutup sblh mata,dah aim dah,okey kjp lagi kedai ni..pastu kedai tu..pastu kedai ni..hahahah! masa tgh aim2 tu,nampak lah oxford shoes yg diidamkan tu! rawr! delicious weh.sumpah! mmg mengundang sgt..okey,mark that kedai.kononnye lah mark.heh..tunggu2..cite tak abes lagi :p

so lepas keluar duit,tgk wyg cite Rio,mkn jap,then shopping!!! masuk2 je kdai randomly..smpai penat shopping..kedai kasut tu mcm dekat awal2 masuk city star,so igtkn mcm dh nk blk nti lah singgah.hee..belilah bnda lain..ade seluar guess kaler sgt delicious harge asal 1000++LE trun jadi 250++LE kot! tapi sebab aku dah aim kasut tu,aku macam hesitate nk beli,and end up not buying. *muka sedih* pastu,lepak kejap starbucks..online2..rilek2..urut2 kaki..hahaha..pastu tgk,dah 8 mlm kot time dah kene gerak blk mansoura ckp lah kat tira,marilah kita cari kasut tersebut.heee..

ceyy,tadi kate dah mark ennn kedai kasut tu ennn..hamik kau,satu jam pusing tak jumpa! T__T i was about to give up,tapi somehow tira mcm masih bersemangat or dia mcm tak puas ati sebab we were so sure that the kedai was there...and yessssssssss!!! memang pon weh!!! awal2 kitorg dah dtg situ tapi bleh plak tak nmpk!!!!

so now,kedai dah jumpa,dengan segera grab the shoes and look at it price.mmg..(*(&..400LE kot..which for me utk kasut mcm tu,tak berbaloi sgt..sedihhhhhhhhhh T_T kalau ikutkan duit,mmg lah mampu..tapi..mahal sangat lah..rasa mcm mmbazir..sobs..jadi citenye,masih belum memiliki those shoes T__T

jadi kepada sesiapa yang baik hati nak belikan,im wearing size 37..ouh n tak kisah ade heel or takde,asalkan design dia vintage mcm ni..n kaler kalau bleh biar kaler rare2 sket *byk plak kisah dia kn hahaha*

lepas tu masa balik dalam tremco aku pon terpikir lah...kadang2,tak semua yg kita nak tu kita dapat.walaupon kita put so much effort on it,kdg2 if its not meant to be,it won't..or maybe ade hikmah kenapa kita tak dpt bnda tu,it could be because we will b rewarded with smthg that is much more worth it? who knows what Allah has plan for us..but whatever it is,i'm certain that its for the best :):)

okey,14 days to final exam.wish me luck! ^__^

not taking any chances

im afraid that im starting to fall for,before i fell and got hurt,i'd better stay a bit far..coz im tired of having this heart lied and betrayed and hurt over and over and over again.