Monday, August 31, 2009

selamat hari jadi malaysia

52 tahun merdeka.tiade merdeka,tiade lah saye yang skarang ini.

malaysia i love you ;)

tak kire lah kalaupon aku study kt mesir nti,aku akn tetap blk dan berkhidmat utk malaysia.insyaAllah ;)


hidup ini memang palat,tapi hari esok masih ada.walaupun hari esok tu tak muncul2 lagi buat aku -_-"

aku tgk titanic smlm,n aku nangis.aku tgk KAMI the movie tadi,aku nanges jugak.

faz,jgn cengeng sgt bleh? aku lempang ko kang. *monolog*
( tapi tapi,pemergian abu itu mmg sedeyh..abu HOTT!!! T_T )

ok look.obviously alasan ko tanak kua ngn aku weekend sbb BAPAK KO BISING tu alasan basi..bapak ko tak bising kan ko lepak pkul 1 pagi mlm ahad? ouhhh takpeee...tak kesah punyeee...tapi bapak ko mrh kua tghari n balik b4 maghrib kan? aah wehh..memang logik gile alasan ko.

terima kasih sebab tipu aku lagi.

Friday, August 28, 2009

a lil bit of smthing

i made an album on my skool days kt FB.d days when all of us are so comot,n ugly n sgt xleh blah! haha.well,at least i am all of that.hee..i tag them people,n many removes it.knp? malu kot tgk muke sndri.well im not shy bout it,i know dat was me.note the tense: WAS..kalo xde zaman kcik yg hodoh tu,xde la aku yg


arini,skali lagi,jari aku terluke -_-"..dis time terkene dapur time lap2 :(

i might lose all my jari if i continue to do dis to myself.CLUMSY ME.


i hate washing ashtrays.they make wanna puke.


today,i made myself useful..finally i realized dat egypt is only around d,i made my list like FINALLY.n tonite i'll pack a bit. ( sebenarnye baju dah mlimpah2 kt bilik tu since i dun hav a proper putting them in the bag would mngurangkn semak laa in my room ) :D


did u know dat there's just too many hotties n cuties out there nowadays? n did u knnow dat men seriously are like pupus-ing? no offense,where the hell & how the hell am i gong to find a new boyfren? the chances are,THIN.

n yah my ex will soon find smone to replace me.he didn't say anything yet,but,i just know it.uughhh...


ouh i've finally found my ex classmate mase skola rndh dlu..i was looking for him since abes pmr dlu..n now we're back in contact through FB.he is sooooooooo diff.well,d last time we saw each other was in standard 6,so yeah go figure how lain we are rite now! heee..its cool to hav him back as a fren.we're two diff people now,but yeah i do miss him since we're kinda close dlu.hee..

n yah,it makes me feel old too.having a long lost fren.lamaa gileee plak tu..6 years!! man,how old i am already??! *sigh*


i had dis,WONDERFUL dreams last nite..sungguh indah smpai aku rase mcm xnk bgn..haha! n yah it sure does brings a lot of memories dow..i was dreaming of my collegemate.n wat so cool about that dream is that,im flirting with smone.klo aku sebut name,konfem dak2 kolej sume taw..n even aku ckp ini pon,msti rmai yg knal.hahahaha..aku mimpi aku flirting dgn si pelakon dunia baru giler dooowww.... ;p


i love taylor swift.she's sweet,pretty,talented,everything i wish to b.n yah, i wish i hav a cute neighbour like she did in you belong to me v/clip.haha!

fyi,aku dgr lagu u belong to me tu lebeh dari 10 kali stiap ari.SERIOUSLY.


i always wish,i could learn how to dance.the 'step up' killer.


pelik tapi benar.ari2 gi kje,pnat kje la nk rht la..xde mase oke nk msg2..tapi,kedit nye abes jgk.hrmm..pahtu,alasan: penat..on9 xpnat kot? heh.


2morrow,if we're still tgther,wud b the 8months annivessary.last sunday was my 3rd month of being single.i feel like i've been single through my whole life.

its nice to have someone who you can really missed.tpi bile aku post kt FB 'i miss u' tnye sape..aku tak pnah jwb bnda btol.heh.n i find dat not telling the truth makes me feel hurt in the inside.. *sigh*


ONCE AGAIN,blog mngenai prasaan. -_-" im starting to annoy myself nowadays.


Thursday, August 27, 2009


...cause im falling in looovveee ;p ;p

eh tak..itu gimik jek..smpena lirik lagu clumsy - fergie..hahaha..

i am being clumsy lately..dis week,i've cut n burn myself ( well at least a part of me) like,4 times already..the latest cut is on my left finger dan ouh sgt sakit mahu mnaip -_-"..i dunno when i got dis cut,it looks like a paper cut.pedih gile..uhukk..

the reason for the clumsiness? i have no clue.i think i just act the very the kelam kabut when im nervous or anxious or hav smthing in my mind..and right now,there's definitely more than smthing is happening in the head..

u know how it feels when u hav soooo much to say,but u only hav like soooo little time left? ur like in a rush to put everything in words ur saying but there's always smthing dat u smhow forgot to say.n usually dat smthing is so the very important part of the words pon.heh..dats how i felt rite now..i just dunno how to put it into words..if i try tu sum it all up,i might say the wrong thing or get misinterpreted or smthing.n yah i dun want dat to happen.its really hard to get smone to hav trust in you..i want my life back,i want my happiness back..but im not getting any of it n im on the way of making a new life..building a new life is smhow like putting everyhting u had had on the past away from you and start anew.and THAT,is least,finally,i can figure out smthing to hate u about.everybody knows how much i love u.but i do hate u now.

i hate u for leaving me.

p/s: maaf,blog kebelakangan byk mngenai perasaan.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

jual ikan

rmmbr my last post with the BAPAK GELI ayat tu? its geli but its accurate -_-"

owwkaaayyy..i know ade post lepas2 dat i kinda tell u dat i wanted to post smthing bout dream rite? well i decided dat d content is a bit too personal i guess..u might use it as my weakness to bring me down..ngahahah no no kidding,but yea its too personal..but hey,lets talk about dreams..dreams are smthing dat u hope ur gonna be or goin to achieve or watsoever..or maybe smthing dat u know u never achieved? heh,when u put it dat way,its sounds harsh right? hrmm..what about dream come true? well dat brush off the harshness i guess,to have smthing dat u think is only a dream,but smhow its coming true..sweet! u guys watched one tree hill? well dats my favourite series..back in season 1 & 2 la..then i lost track of it.hee..but always,i've always always wanted lucas to be with peyton.i LOVE peyton..she's super duper uber COOL..heee..n yah dis season of one tree hill,peyton tell lucas this :

" u rmmbr wat i told u bout my dreams? i always had dis dream,d same dream that you and i are in this hotel room and u propose..n everytime,i say yes "

well,smthing like dat la.n they're like engaged now.gile sweet :')

fiction.they always give u smthing dat u always wanted but so difficult to get in real life.bpe banyak cinta bputik kali kedua yg mnjadi? not dat many..usually they just won't even give a chance pon..well i used to think dat way me,an ex is an ex,which i have already put a pangkah on their getting back with them is a no-no-never-not-so-ever situation..but as time goes by,i realized dat everybody deserve to hav a second chance.tpi d real reason yg buat aku tibe2 rase mcm ni ialah selfishness..why? bcoz im the one who's hoping for the second chance from someone.heh.YEAH PEOPLE CHANGE.

i guess smtimes u just gotta hav to think of smthing for urself instead of thinking of other people's matter.susah mau kasi puas ati sume org ouh.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


mari mnghitung hari berlepas ke egypt! wahahahahahahahaha aku takot dowwwwwww ;p ;p

semakin hampir hari berlepas,semakin aku takut mahu mninggalkn dia.dia bukan sesape,hanye kawan biase,namun kepergianku seolah-olah seperti satu tanda yg antara kami tidak akan ada apa2 dan kekal sbg hanye kawan.gile un-cool..walaupon dia pernah tidak jujur,dan kadangkale bertindak tanpe mgunekan akal fikiran,namun aku terima sgala baik buruknye.taktahu samade akan ku jumpe seseorang sepertinya lagi,yg mampu mbuka hatiku.tak tau samada ketika adenye sesorg utkku,aku mampu utk mlupakannya :'(

BAPAK GELI AYAT. ( gara2 membace novel online ciptaan topan sblom mengepost.haha )

siang aku ngantok gile,nk tido kang makruh sbb puase kn..mlm2 aku segar bugar smpai lpas subuh...samanoo..???

aku nk shoping raye la weh.jalan TAR tu slmt dari H1N1 x? -_-"

Thursday, August 20, 2009

sabtu puasa!

yeay! :D

smhow ramadhan always excites me in a way..i just love them..awi2 :D

but hey dis ramadhan is smthing yaw..coz it means dat im getting near to my flight off to egypt..whoaaaa gile excited to start stdying back but thinking of d people im gonna leave back here makes me sad.weh aku kne move on dow.faz move on!! yah2!! ok ignore my insanity..uhuk..

ok.smthing happen yesterday.i just don't understand y people keep accusing me of stealing her boyfren padahal its been yearssssssssss dat we've been in contact wit each other,n yah its bcoz of not u,but her la.heh..n then u tell all ur friends dat i am a hypocrite? then wat are u? knon x kesah nk kontek boyfren dia tpi bile dpt tau kite kontek amek kau mlenting mcm org gile -_-"..n yah,gal,please note dat everything in dis world is not about YOU..we don't care bout u n watever u r doing with ur bf..but when it involves us,then its our bsnss to deal..klo smpai boyfren ko takut nk dtg bday party aku sbb tanak ko marah tuh....ko pk la sndri eh.i dun really care bout dat,i stil cnsider him as a fren tho..tpi bile the gelfren sibok accusing me of "mnyimpan perasaan" kat boyfren dia i was like,OKEEE WHATEVERRRR...aku tak hingin laa..sket pon aku tanak.ko paranoid sgt knp? pelik aahh..its weird when i NEVER even touch her but she hates me so much..i dunno what i've done wrong to u la gal..but my advise is,GROW UP.ok?


( 40 days to my flight ) 0_o

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


date: 16th august 2009
venue: my house
occasion: bday&farewell party ;)

bezzzzzzzzzzz killeerrr!!!! heee...thanx sume yg dtg..i really appreciate it ;)..wpon bday aku snanye 17 ogos....xpe aku trime je sume wish2 tu..adiah aku bkak ttp pkul 12 masuk 17 ogos keh... ;p

kalo nk cite ape yg jadik satu2,mmg payah la...yg penting hectic gile..aku pon da x mnang tgn kot..haha..tpi bez..rase mcm da lama x senyum n hepy mcm tu..wpon org yg aku hrp dtg xdpt dtg,yg pnting,org2 yg dtg tu..hahaa gile mrepek..ouh dan yg penting rgga n d geng bjaye smpai kt uma aku dan mnjadi rmbgn penutup pade ari itu..hahahah ;p i love you guys awi2!! :D

i used to hate d age 21.(tibe2 english plak..alahaiii aku mmg suke mkn rojak ;p) i used to think dat 21 is such an old phase..but hey,older means wiser ;) doesn't matter if u always act childishly or wat,but as u reached 21 means u've been goin thru life for 21 years..alhamdulillah :)..years of experience,only d matter if u wanted to absorbed all d experience or to ignore them...absorbing will help in d process of maturing u know ;p..

till then~

p/s: i hate excuses.especially the lame one.n yeah,i hate LIARS.rase cm nk lmpang je muke dorg.tapi,tu lah.dorg ckp,aku baik sgt? haihh.. -_-"

Saturday, August 15, 2009


no.not okay actually.

i am SOO glad that i hav a dark skin that won't blush bcuz if not,people will get to c how blushed i was petang tadi..

i sent my car to the car wash at warta n went jalan2 inside to kill sum time..i saw 3 of my ex lovers..giler..hahaha..but not at d same time after i dun really rmmbr how many minutes,went to the car n yah its all done alredy sbb cm xde kete time anta tuh..ehee..after paying them,i get into the car,put my stuff in place,check the mirrors n start the engine..n yah i am so ready to go but then..ehm..i can't pull the handbrake down..ok,so i tried again..n again..yes n again until my hands are soar from trying..mcm bodow weh..ade la 5 minit aku dlm tu cube nk trun kn dat damn handbrake..mamat2 cuci kete tu sume da usha plik..pehal la x jln2 agi dak ni..u know at that carwash pkrja dia mostly are i dunno bangladesh mayb,or indian,but 1 of them is malay..then abg malay tu cm dtg n i went outside d car n call for dat guy..he came..n i laughed..he smiled..then i told him dat i can't get the handbrake down..he went inside n pull it down like it was a no problem at all..-_-" so yeah i thanked him n smiled n embarassed like hell at dat time........just b4 i closed d door,abg tuh ckp "k slamat jln dik,ati2!!" with a big smile on his face n yaaaahh of coz i wanted to get out of there ASAP sbb maluuu!!! i drove a car since more than 3 years n i can't pull the handbrake??? wat the fish mennnn...malu siotttt....

sekian.semoge hari esok lebih baik.uhuk.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

agenda hari ini

- pick up stuffs from pos laju..yeay my coat has arrived ;p

- went to little ipoh..err ke little perak in bangi..smthing like dat la..hav lunch there..sorang2..gosh..i hate to eat by myself..i think i look stupid..n i look lonely too.. *sigh*

- went home n changd clothes..wanted to start making the apple crumble but then find out dat we ran out of butter..*sigh* so hav to changed my clothes back n went to buy the butter..

- started to make d apple crumble..n find out dat senanye ade lagi seketul butter -_-"..first i peel the apples..

- went to the front n makes the crumble while listening to the Feminin CD! goshhh rindu kotttt...

"suatu hari nanti,kau kan memahami yang terjadi..kau kan menerima perpisahan kita..bukannya oh salah sesiapa......"

dat song hit me hard in the stomach..auch!

- heating the oven..n burns my finger :(

kalau anda hebat anda nmpk di mane burn itu ;p

- cleaning up the mess n went to the front..n my fish is sick i think..he ahs been upside down for more than 24 hours..salu dia upside down like 12 hours tu x heran lagi la..huhuhu..

ok obviously im just bored and wanted to write but i dunno what to write.heh..

” Kembali “ by ” Feminin “

Jika hanya daku terdaya

Memutar kembali masa

Saat gemilang cinta
Bahgia berdua

Kini tak lagi seiringan
Salah kata salah tafsiran

Mungkin juga salahku

Segala terjadi

Tiadakah peluang lagi

Kau membuka pintu hati
Ku berjanji takkan ku ulangi

Yang lalu yang lalu

Janganlah membisu

Siang malam ku merindu

Segeralah kembali

Kepadaku padaku

Malam terus berganti hari

Masa beredar tanpa ku sedar

Aku masih setia

Menanti cintamu

Biar sehingga akhir waktu

Biar pedihnya ku menunggu

Hanya dirimu saja
Yang amat ku cinta

KRU is brillliant! :D

additional info: eventho i hav many exs,believe it or not i don't rmmbr celebrating any of my bday with a come they always call it off just before my bday?? it sucks dow..


oke,after a long time of sitting at home n being the official bibik of d auz,i finally realized dat,im getting fatter! gile weh..aku da gemok kot! n i have no intention of dieting bcoz im afraid i might miss the malaysian foods and the home cooking at egypt later and regret being in a diet now..huhuh..and so,ur just goin to hear me complaining of my unsatisfaction of the body while im goin to do nothing about it unless complaining.haha..urghh..this must be caused by all the choc cakes n brownies i baked..asal abes je uat baru kot..haha! smpai like,when u opened the fridge on search of food,u'll find the apalageehhh...hahah..luckily there's the sugar issue goin on n i hav stopped the baking for awhile..kang abes gk gula kt bangi neh -_-"..

went to klcc last sunday and watched the proposal..hillariously funny! i loikee...but watching de romantic movie only reminds me of one person n itu mcm ouh xbest..i know im supposed to get rid of him already tapi,u know,smhow dis particular person is goin to cost me a whole lot of time much more than i think he wud..yelah,i've been single for 2 years a long time ago..but kinda think about it,im not actually single 4 d whole 2 years status was more to like not-single-and-available...ehee..bez ouh time tuh..heaven ;p ;p so i was very merry and hepy and not worried at all..but nowadays i do feel lonely and besides getting msg from hotlink i dun really msg wit any other person..ade la mei msg kdg2,hee..seb ade mei teman kite ;p..i forgot already how it feels to hav no boyfie in ur life anymore..i can leave my fon at my room the whole day n when i went upstairs to check for any msgs or calls i wouldn't be suprise if there's none of it..hee..bapak ah..n yah,many r not agreed wit the long distance relationship thingy n so,my malaysia-egypt fantasy is like POOFF gone.heh.

besides,who wants a black,fat and ugly person as their galfren? HOHO.

whatever..tomorrow im going to make an apple crumble! ( okeh x sdar diri lagi tuh da gemok..haha! ) later!!~~

Sunday, August 9, 2009

hello encik lepat

hai..nama saye fazlina,orang panggil faz..umor,erm lagi bape ari cukup la 21.heee...saye suke makan aiskrim,psal tuh saye gemok..haha..saye dok bdr baru bangi..baru abes blaja kt kolej amik dip eh..lupe nk cakap..saye,SINGLE..ehee..nk kawan jek,bkn ape..saje je bgtau,yg saye,da ckp ke eh tadi saye single? hahahahahha....

soalan ptame saye,ape pndapat anda tentang long distance relationship?? alaa macam,mesir dgn malaysia ke...??????

* boleyh tak? haha..sape yg x paham,len kali tgk 3R okeh..TV3,ari ahd 7.30 malam ;) *

Friday, August 7, 2009

story telling

yesterday i went to warta,n went to the cimb bank..there used to be like a small bank..u know,the one with counters n slips blablabla tu kan..but they hav just finished renovating it n skang all dat is left are machines..3 atm machines, 1 cash deposit machine and the cheque thingy yesterday i went in,n bcoz there was no one else there,i went to the 1st machine,which is the nearest to the door la kn..waiting for the machine to do its work,which is giving money,i noticed dat smone is like watching curiously from outside..he's a big,i mean BIG indian man who wores pagoda shirt n a worn shirt outside,n shorts..i didn't want to be mean or cruel or anything but,what i mean by big is actually his belly..he was like looking into the bank,which,i was alone la kn..then he pushed the door n came in..ok honestly,i freaked out..i dunno y but i just kept thinking bad i take the card,the money n the receipt as fast as the machine can work it out fer me.heh..dis man went straight to me n look at me straaaiigghhhttt in the eyes..

"adik..itu bank mau masuk duit tada kaa?"

oke aku da cuak pastu cm blur so i was like pointing to the cash deposit machine n said

"erm..tu kot"

im trying to minimalise the eye contact between us but everytime i catches his eyes he was like staring at me.gosh..then he said again..

"itu yang tulis2 kasik masuk..apa..kaunter itu suma tada ka?"

aiyo amma appa..aku bukan kaunter ptanyaan kot -_-" i was like

"erm..ouh aah da xde dah"

and i heard he said


b4 i left him inside the bank..
i went to guardian to buy stuffs n hav to pass through the bank again to go to my car,that's when i saw that man again..standing outside the bank,making a phone call (in indian la kn)..but then,i noticed he was actually holding some cheque book or smthing..i feel bad..i feel like i should go to him n told him that u know,he can go to sksyen 8 if he needed to deal with the cimb staffs..well i just didn't tell him anything.i felt so racist n im so mean..!!! PLEASE FORGIVE ME :(

this happen like maybe a month or two ago..cnt really rmmber..i was back from smwhere using the FAVOURITEEE public transport,,i was waiting for my brother to pick me up bcoz i dun really like the taxis there,heh..i was tired of standing all the way during the ride so i sit at the stall kt bwh ktm ukm tuh kn..if i just sit there n not order anything mcm xbest ah plak kn,so i went to the fridge n take out a can of soya bean n pay fer this table im sitting,was actually opposite a guy's table..he was alone too..smthing dat captured my eyes d most about this guy is,his hair..dread lock..wohoo reggae seyhh..but then there's smthing about his was VERY VERY familiar.not to mention very handsome too..n bcoz of my curiosity i tend to look at him too much and not noticing dat he was actually looking at me too,with the "do i know you" looks and a smile on his face..ok dat was embarassing,but then i mayb not goin to c him anymore so yah was more than 5 minutes of me staring at him,him staring at me,we look weirdly at each other like we hav smthing to say,but we ended up did not say anyhting at,we just sit there n STARE..smpaiii my brother came n i went into the car..that guy watches me until we lost sight of each la,teruja ok sbb dia ensem ;p
i know i had to change my glasses a long time ago..seb skang da tuka but i should do it earlier.
today i watch asian potion on hitz tv..and i saw dat guy in dis v/clip: PANJI REGGAE - SHARPSHOOTER! oke now it makes sense knp he looks so familiar.. -_-"

u know d days when no one msged fon calls,no msgs...well believe it or not actually i never had those days..there's this one number..never fails to msg me..smtimes he'd be the 1st to msg,n smtimes he's d 1st n d last..but yeah like i said b4,he NEVER failes to rmmbr thoughtful kan?
guess who?


lihat senyuman itu

semalam ari yg bosan..bukan semalam je snanye..ari2 bosan weh..hahaha..newaaayyyssss aku pon cube la mnghilangkn bosan tu dgn,self potraiting.heh.amek gmbr sndri la..tapi lately neh aku xske tgk gmbr aku snyum..sbb aku rase,snyuman itu palsu yg amat..aku tgk pon nmpk cm x real..x best laa..x comel la aku..hahahahahha..

so bile cmtu,aku pon tgk2 la gmbr lam folder fon tuh..and aku suke satu gmbr neh..aku terase sgt cantek di dalam gmbr itu ( weh sape gi nk puji aku kalo bkn aku kn.ngee ;p )..tapi kwn2,jgn mrh aku taw..haha..tapi btol,aku trase cantek dlm gmbr tuh nk uat cmne..gmbr nye:

ehee..aku suke gmbr neeeeeeeeeeeyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

cube korg tgk gmbr aku amek arituh..gmbr aku pure2 senyum:

inilah gmbr pure2 snyum saye..ahahahahahhaa ( kuning juge cantik pade saye kan kan kan ;p )

ye blog ini btujuan utk mncapap shj.,ngahaha..

aku btol2 rindu nk senyum balik mcm dulu..nk jadi manusia hepy go lucky mcm dlu...aku nk sgt bahagia mcm dlu...tapi sume nye FAKE..xpe,my bday celebration nnti,KONFEM korg akn nmpk aku tsenyum dgn ikhlasnye! syarat: bwk adiahhhh!!! hahahahahahhahaha ;p ;p

Kepada dirimu ku bertanya
Kenapa muram tiada kata
Kemanakah diri kan kau bawa
Setelah mendung mengusung senja
Kepada yang Esa kau perlu
sematkan keyakinan dirimu
Segala apa yang diputusNya
Pasti ada hikmah yang berganda
Senyuman mu ada satu keindahan
Senyuman mu bisa membawa kenalan
senyumlah seikhlas hatimu yang suci
senyumanmu pada ku kurnia Illahi
Dalam diam renungan mu itu
Membayangkan depan yang tak tentu
Apa yang diluar kuasamu
Membisikkan risau yang tak perlu
Hatimu janganlah kau kunci
Rugilah kenalan yang tak pasti
Apa yang kau rasakan kini
Tiba masa akan kau hargai..
perasaanmu bagai ku tahu
dulu aku kini harimu..oh..

Ruffedge - Senyum

Thursday, August 6, 2009


i hav been delaying this post for ages..sorryyy!! hahahah ;p

ok.i hav been doing sum cleaning these days..a few days back i've cleaned my room..and i found so much stuffs! my skul stuffs la mcm x tahan skali..lawak sure bring back memories ;)..ouh then i found my guitar lessons file..okee rindu kottt..i miss playing the guitar..yes,i've learned how to play it when i was in form 3 kot..then i found guitar tab 4 songs dat i love to play back then..behind blue eyes,knocking on heaven's sucks dow,knowing dat skang da x reti men lgsg kot..haha..i learned acoustic guitar so i dun really know how to play the chords..but back then my bf was a rockstar-in-the-making,so i found his notes..he did taught me a bit.aha..sweet kn..dush2..skang da rockstar da dia..eceh..gud 4 him tho.he's really good in making music.. ;) ouh yg paling best,i found lyrics dat i sure dat i've also tried to make the song as well,but i don't really know how to write chords so i just write them lyrics...pndek je pon..pastu cm projek tgendala..damn..da bpe thn x men guitar..SERIOUS RINDU!

its friday again and im glad
because the world has not yet come to the end
thank God for making this happen
thank God for giving me a chance to change
thank God for not ending the world just yet
i have made so much sin
i do regret it
and yet,i still has not changed

ehe..this is written during my form 3,so mind the language..and yah mind the amateur writing too..tapi i do think its a good effort though *mari memuji diri sndiri! heh*

i sleep after subuh and woke up during zohor..damn my sleeping clock has got to be tuned back to normal! melatonin -_-"..oke merepek.hee..

more posts coming up..later~

p/s: pick-up lines..pick-up lines..dats all i've been hearing lately..all im gonna say is,good luck guys.. ;)