Thursday, April 29, 2010

stress over the limit

yes,that's how i felt lately...i dunno what has got into me,but smtimes its just all stressing me out...last few days i was so stressed,i ended up sweeping and cleaning the whole house! HAHA..jadi stress2 la selalu supaye saye kemas rumah hehehehehehe no no jk ;p

during the whole cleaning process,i found smthing belongs to was a gift from a fren,he give it to me before i come to egypt.he gave me this note book,inside,there's a note.actually beside the book,he also gives me cookies from famous amos and a torchlight! hee..and there's a reason for every gifts.

1) he gave me my favourite cookies,bcoz he wanted me to be happy,as happy as i am while eating those scrumptious little thingy ;p
2) he gave me a torchlight,to lighten up my gloomy days.bcoz he wanted me to always lighten up and never feels like i am in the dark...
3) he gave me a notebook,a new one and empty one..bcoz he wanted me to write in it,as much how he wanted me to colour up my,open up a new book and started fresh. :)

so sweet right? im so glad i had frens like was a bless :) after finding the notes,it kinda boost me up,it does work la.psychological effect..hahaha..

im fine really.there's just so many things in my mind right now that hasn't settled yet.and my status as a medical student here is also in a hanging position..i dun really know how to explain about it,but it burdens me.dayng..!~ bila nak settle pasal wafideen ni ntah. T____T

i need sum,a new wardrobe maybe? bcoz i think im sick of the old one..macam dah boring gile boleh tak. -_-" and yes,sgt tak sbr nk masuk rumah baru....but then,im gonna miss this house..syarik rabe' also...huk3...

final is 1 month away.sungguh cuak.pray for me. ^^

p/s: al-fatihah buat ibu seorang rakan yg telah pergi bertemu Illahi semalam.rakan sempat pulang ke Malaysia ptg tadi...

i miss my late mom.seriously.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

dis is just one boring post,u should skip reading it

wehhh da lama tak on9 hwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa T_T

internet punye pasal la,mmg AGAK bz la carik rumah baru.hahah..boleh je nk stay rumah skrg ni,but then rase cm tak berbaloi,mcm dah sakit hati dgn lipas2 yg ade kt rumah ni.BANYAK GILE boleh takkk... T_T ouh best gile carik rumah..kitorang just pegi randomly kt rumah2 ni,dingdong pastu tanye: "maugud sya'ah fi igarah?" ( ada rumah utk disewa tak?) pastu kalo ade,mumkin shuf..kalo takde,syukran la kan..hahaha...tapi alhamdulillah la Allah permudahkan jalan utk kitorang carik rumah...2 hari je carik dah jumpe..actually ade dua option rumah,but then after considering the pros and cons,kitorg pilih la rumah baru tu..haih..selamat tinggal syarik rabe'...sob sob...sedih jugak la nk tglkn umah skrg ni,coz lokasi yg sgt strategik dan berdekatan dgn smua tmpt kn..and syarik ni tak mcm suram sgt kot nk banding tmpt lain..tapi takpela..tuka angin la pulak kan...jadi penduduk kawasan istad! muahaha..! tapi walau ape pon,syarik rabe' tetap di hati..awwwwwwwwww... ;p eh tapi,rumah baru environment menarik yer.mungkin lebih menarik dari syarik rabe' skarng.haaaa..nak tau mnarik ke tak,tggu la ktorg dah pndah nti..HAHAHA..

lately egypt sgt panas ye.panas yg mngundang kepade sakit kepale dan mood swing.jadi,silalah jangan carik pasal skarang.HAHA tibe2.

oke obviously i dunno wat to say.*SIGH* semangat je nk update blog.huk2.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


u know what,i think that everyone should have a crush.yeah.a crush.someone who'd make u fall head over heels,the one dat can make u smile even at the sight of his shadows..oh,a celebrity crush is fine,i myself have HUGE crush on many celebrities too n i even make them as my desktop fact,right now my desktop is decorated by the sweet charming looking good Lee Dong Gun! :D but then,its better to have a real crush,i mean on a living person who actually breathes the same air as u do,in other word,someone near you.cud be ur neighbour.jeng3 ;p

u know why it is important to have a crush? haha.okey la,not important la..but then,having a crush would actually make ur day...somehow triggering ur adrenaline was not a bad idea at all..the excitement is somthing dat i think everyone should have a taste on..having the buuterfly inside the stomach to come out of you and makes u jump out of excitement and somehow lose ur balance and somehow,make a smile drawn on ur face. :)

okey faz,i know ur a transparent person...but then,u just have to learn how to CONTROL the emotions..bak kata zan,simpan hormon dalam poket..haha..bcoz,when im actually walking alone,and i saw my crush,smiling by myself won't help me hide my feelings..AND! nak bgtau ni..bcoz of the excitement of seeing the sight of my crush,i actually ter-pele'ot (ohgoshhowtospellthis) in front of him! YEAY! sgt memalukan! hahahahahahahahaa.sape suruh excited sgt...ouh and,i just saw him tadi..heeeeeeee....and i actually smiled stupidly alone.nmpk sgt la kn senyum sorang2 since there's actually NO ONE AT ALL at that time..haih..sungguh memalukan..but somehow,the embarassement is actually quite experiencing.haha. ;p

its something fun,really...i've been crushing on people since a long time i forgot how it feels to really,i mean,REAALLYY fall in love though..must be much more exciting than just having a crush right? even fighting would be thing that somehow,sweet..?? heeee...okay this is just crap.forgive me for taking ur time by reading this post.haha..the hormone still have affects on me..till then! daa~~~ :D:D

Saturday, April 10, 2010

pyar dosti ;p

love is friendship.

but in reality, love can destroys friendship.

ironic isn't it?

forgive me for the dramatic start...i've just watched kuch kuch hota hai after ada apa dengan cinta?...both are stories about love and friendship..its amazing how a normal friendship can turn into a lovely relationship..but then how dramatic it would be when those love is actually make the boat of friendship sink.either between the two loved persons,or between the person with their friends..either way,this two lovely thing could get messed up...and things could get ugly..

its sucks to lose a friendship,no matter what way you lose them.death,separation,fights,or me.and KKHH reminds me of a friend who i used to have,and still hoping would have.but i've lost him already.haihh...and,i've been heartbroken like,so many times,i know im not ready to be broken hearted again...takyah bercinta da,kawen je tros snang HAHAHA.

we only live once,die once and loved once. :D

okey sangat merepek ye cik paz..i should stop watching all these love stories and hearing all these love songs...or i'll turn into this one jiwang freak.heee..

p/s: im loving the beautiful sleep.yeahhh...!~

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

night light

" be friends with somebody you don't like" - quote from A Walk To Remember.

and for that,i've decided to add my ex boyfriend back at FB.well at least that's a start right? at least i'm trying to make friends with not the bad one now.YEAH! :D

i've just finished watching P/S I Love You again,and i cried,again.ahaha..the one story that never fails to make me cry,no matter how many times i've watch it.even if i watch it 3 times in a row,i bet i'd cry all d way..that story really touches me,deep baby..i dunno y,but somehow i always think that my life would end up like Holly's..after finding the one that makes me go crazy and go madly deeply in love with him,and finding the one who truly understands me and loves me all the way,i'll lose him.i dunno y,but this thought keep running in my mind..i know that its still a long way to go,and fate is not in my hand,but u know,there's just smthing inside me that keeps making me think of the same thing...but one thing,Holly stil have her mum.i don' the fact scares me.sometimes,i do feel like im facing this world alone..okeh dah malas nak ckp pasal ni coz it makes me sad soooo MOVE ALONGGG!!! ;p

ouh yeah,tadi pagi exam.mcm biaselah kan. T_T no need more explanation beybeh.the emoticon explains it all.haha.

lagu ni rangga yang bagi tadi.dia pon ade post kat blog dia kot.haha..btw juz wanna share it with you guys,bcoz i wanted to tell u guys dat,

♥how lovely it would be to have that stopwatch to freeze everything around you♥
even if it is only for a couple of minutes,to mess around with someone that you like that way.just like what he did in this video.COMELGILE! and yeahhh this landon guy is one hell pretty guy okkaaayyy..sangat kacak almost perfect sampai rase macam dia seorang yg gay hahaha tapi nama dia sgt slack la kannn..daymn btol..hahaha..but kind to think about it,tak ke orang2 sekeliling dia dlm video ni get pissed off sebab brg dorg hilang pastu tgk pompuan tu plak yg pgang kn,so tak ke mcm pffftttt hahahahaa okeh dah start dah byk ckp ;p

fakta...i thought i finally get over him,like,totally...but actually,the feeling is still there...forgive me for loving just the kind of person who finds it hard to fall in love but once i fall it's hard to get up again.erghh.cliche..tapi,betol. T_T

okeh.lagi satu.boleh tak semua orang tak payah nak perang2 blog lagi? mansoura city dah macam ape dah.udah-udah la tu mengutuk sesame sendiri ye.saye penat la..malas la nak semakkan kepala dengan benda2 macam gini.dah bosan.its time to grow up.GROW.UP.bajet XOXO gossip girls pulak la masing2 kan.ngeee...kalah nas terjah.haih.

baiklah itu saje ngomelan saye untuk hari ini.jom kite layan jiwang lagi.HAHA.

p/s: rasa macam nak cerita lagi la pasal untung si cantik dan si kacak.dan mungkin cerita mengenai hormon testosterone dan botak.HAHA..mumkin la.tgk rajin ke tak yerrrrrr ;p

Sunday, April 4, 2010

beep beep

lain kali kalau nak bercerita,pikir lah dulu..lagi-lagi kalau nak cerita pasal orang lain,kang tersalah cerita jadi fitnah pulak kan...aku ni ilmu agama tu idok ler tinggi,tapi rasa nya semua penah je dengar " fitnah itu dosanya lebih besar dari membunuh "...kalau bahasa kasarnya,atau orang cakap carutannya, baik ko membunuh je weh dari ko cakap bukan-bukan mcm tapi tu bahase kasar la kan.tak elok la pulok..tapi bukan aku yg ckp mcm tu la,aku bgtau je ni..haa..kang ade yg buat cerita tak sedap didengar pulak dari statement di atas. :D

"orang-orang mcm ko lah yang memecah belahkan umat tahu tak?" quote a fren...quote dari adibah aziz pulak " alfitnahtun asyhadu minalqodd"...hahahaha..rindu lah kat kau deepydeepo..sila komen blog ni.aku buat post tulis nama ko ni.tak terharu ke? HAHAHA.

kepada awak,saya mintak maaf.sebab,saya yg ajak awak pergi..taktau pulak org boleh buat cerita mcm ni.awak tu da la golongan orang baik2...tak pasal2 kene tuduh macam2..rasa macam semua salah saye.maaf yer...maaf sangat2..tak sangka benda macam ni boleh jadi.i feel so guilty.. T_T

aku malas nak emo lebih-lebih pasal benda tak berasas macam ni,cume aku rasa bersalah sangat kat someone.coz bnda tu macam dah burukkan dia,and dia datang pon sebab aku yang ajak..tapi hang memang tangan capoii nooo...hang memang nak buat ramai kan? suke la tu famous sekejap.HAHA.

p/s: nyamuk.please stay jadi nyamuk.jangan jadi binatang lain.URGHHHH!!!!!!!!

p/s/s: internet punya pasal,saye sudah lambat post blog ni selama lebih 10 jam okeh. -_-"

Saturday, April 3, 2010


bukan goal bola la.bukan goal utk exam jugak.haih da nak exam takkan asik nk ckp pasal exam je ye dok..kena la variasi sikit.HAHA.

ini goal yang perlu dicapai ASAP aka pronto aka haruussss aka lagicepatlagibagus aka andaidapatakutunaikangoalniakuakanjadiorgpalingbahagieeeeeesekali!

saya perlu KURUS.

perlu okeh.perlu.perlu perlu perlu.ok perlu ke cakap perlu sampai tige kali macam tu? annoying boleh takk? tapi takpe,nak mnunjukkan kesungguhan keazaman dan keiltihan tu ape tah.ngeeeeeeee..

ouh tadi tengahari baru makan krib shawarma firakh,delivery dari Ceaser..! HAHAHA T_T oke lepas ni tak boleh makan dah T_T

p/s: krib shawarma firakh adelah antara makanan yang tak boleh dimakan utk first date kerana terlalu messy.yes,1st date sahaja..2nd 3rd dan keterusan date yg lainnye dah boleh dah,mafish musykillah (no prob ;p)

p/s/s: saye cuba utk meng-google dan meng-upload gambar krib shawarma firakh tu.tapi intenet mnghalang..pakcik google merajuk dgn saye. *sobsob*

Friday, April 2, 2010


5 more days to exam..CUAK BOLEH TAKKK T_T

goodluck semua! marilah berjuannnggg..!!! walaopon immunology haram byk gile,takpe,kite harus,HARUS menempuhinya..! yeah! oke smgt sgt ni,nmpk sgt fake.hahaha..jom kawan2 kite mentelaah tulang upper limb tu sampai muntah.... D:D:D

ade tips tak samane nak abeskan semua ni dalam mase 5 hari..?? HOHOHO T_T

p/s: in a dozen of roses,put a note saying: "i will love you until the last flower dies..." and put 11 real flowers,plus one fake rose.nah,romantik kan? ;p