Thursday, September 9, 2010

the story of me

tajuk macam tajuk 1st post.hahaha.this is a story about a girl name faz who nearly burn down the house,TWICE.

I nearly burn down the house part 1
my dad asked me to heat up the fish head curry.and so i did.i put it in a lower fire..the curry was A it wud take a while for it to be heated,and so i decided to perform the maghrib prayer 1st..after praying...i did some check up on the face's jerawat,counting how many newcomers during the eid.oh yeah sangat byk,annoyingly.n then smpat berangan2 1st but thenn i got thirsty.milo was in my mind.uuu sungguh nikmat dapat hirup milo dikala tekak kehausan begini..and so i went to the kitchen.and YES,i forgot to turn off the fire obviously,n the kari was like,HALF already.half burned.ngeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....>.< terasa sungguh makcik di situ.after that i was a bit phobia to leave the kitchen if i have food heating on the stove.

I nearly burn down the house part 2
i wanted to bake cookies.all the ingredients was ready,but i forgot themost important one,butter! aigooo..dah la butter keras.i was so lazy to wait for the butter to softened and somehow i have the idea to defrost it a,15 seconds of microwave.and so i did..after 2 seconds the microwace started,POPPP!! a loud one.and it came from the microwave..hooooooooo terbaaaiikkk...i totally forgot,that im using anchor butter,and it uses foil for the wrapping.i repeat,FOIL..terbakar lah foil tu.ngee.nasib api kecil dan berjaya dipadamkan.hoh.sungguh cuak,like seriously. >.<

tiba2 macam honey i shrunk the kids.heh,takde kene mngene. ;p but yeah,the moral of the story is,don't do serious job while u're sleepy.

hello! microwave butter IS a serious job okeh? *sambil buat muka garang*


bukan deep said...


fuzzyskuzzy said...

eh bukan deep,manada nyawa terkorban poooonnnnn :p

izzah nasir said...

terbaekkkkkkkk la kak faz!
tergelak2 sy bace.hahahaha :D