Tuesday, July 27, 2010

terrible horrible blablable

people who knows me well would know that, i am very terrible with names. and apparently i am also terrible in describing people. haha. for example people ask me how this si polan look like, i would go on like " dia putih2..tapi takla putih sangat..pastu dia, erm, takla tinggi sgt kot.. tapi takla rendah kan.. muka dia.. ermm.. aaa.. errrr..dua mata,satu hidung satu mulut?? " okey i'll went clueless.haha..i know how this person look like, but i just don't know how to describe this person to people..but surely i remember faces.hee.

sometimes i wonder,how would people addressed me..not that i truly care,but just for the sake of curiosity...but i know one thing,mesti keluar "ala yg pakai spek tu..".. haha..but what if i didn't wear my specs dat day? wat if after this i want to wear contact lens instead? does dat mean im going to lose my identity,or i would be the girl who 'used- to- wear- specs- but- now- wear- contacts?' haha.

u guys should addressed me as ' ala budak yang comel macam umur 18 tapi sebenarnya dah nak masuk 22 tu'..ngeee... ;p

oh damn,im old already. >.


ringo said...

ala, yang bontot besa tu

fuzzyskuzzy said...

kau la bontot besa.bontot aku comel.