Sunday, July 18, 2010

sometimes when i think of the old times.

me..and you..
together we're holding hands...
together we stand...
whenever i'm feeling sad,i know u'd be there...
whenever u're in ur blues,i'll be there to cheer u up..
just me and you.
we had our fights
but never we forget the good days we had.
loving u is so beautiful
having u is a blissful.

zaman percintaan anda sudah tamat ye cik paz.HAHA.

i found this in one of the unpublished blog post.kenapa tak jadi post? sebab dah tamat percintaannye.HAHA.abes skang kenapa post balik? hrrmm ntah.just wanted to remind myself how beautiful the feeling of love.tee hee.sugguh gedik statement tu.

we'll never know how and when the love struck in.but when it does,u'll never want to forget it. :)


fatinlullaby said...

i felt the same ways to :)
great post <3

fuzzyskuzzy said...

hee thanx :)