Thursday, March 18, 2010


i don't know if its a good thing or a bad one,but i like to be honest..i like to express my feelings..i would like for people to know how i feel about them.forgive me if my transparency is making any of u guys uncomfortable,its just the way i am...happiness is smthing to shareabout with everyone why not just tell people the truth? ;)

but yah my sadness is smthing i wud like to keep it to myself bcoz i just hate crying in front of people.huhu..

ouh n please,im not flirty...i just love to sweet talks with certain groups of people in which they know dat im just saying it for the sake of joking around,no serious matter..hee..

p/s: mansoura is getting colder right now,i wonder is supposed to be spring,y so cold meh? -_-"

p/s/s: i miss my frens back in Malaysia.dah bape hari internet mush-kuwais @ not okay...ini pon pkai laptop org n broadband org waktu org tu tgh tido and lampu bilik dah tutup.wah romantik gituuuu ;p

p/s/s/s: GMMSC annual dinner is this friday.can i just,NOT wear the dress??? so not me n so glamour n doing this only for the sake of tira's birthday..haih..sayang mmbe pnye pasal.....huhuhu...

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