Friday, March 12, 2010

follow up case some of u are wondering what's with those emo shits post yesterday,let me explain...but let me tell u,if u guys were in my shoes right now,u'd be as pissed off as i am right now.

as we all know,im in egypt right now,studying medicine..a few friends of mine and i applied to the university using our diploma results,unlike most of my friends who used their SPMs..why? bcoz my SPM sucks and the agent who sents me here says its okay to do so..i've also finished answering my 1st semester examination and do OKAY on it..but then,somehow,at first i can't check my results...and the university told me that i had a problem with the wafideen..

wafideen is like malaysia's kementerian pengajian tinggi or smthg2 like that la..

so,i checked it with the agents..and one day,they called me and the othe 6 people who had about the same problem as i am..what's the problem? they don't accept ANY other qualifications other than SPM..tak kisah la tinggi mana kau belajar,dia nak SPM SAHAJA like...what the fish menn...okey lagi tu,pastu,the agent asked us to send our spm result dat needed to be translated ( from malay to arabic )to the embassy in cairo OURSELVES...suh kitorg bagi sndri...hrm...i told them yang,tak boleh ke sruh our parents from malaysia yg bagi dekat agent dorg kt malaysia and send it here to me? dia cakap "oh tak boleh,lambat result dia nanti...awak pegi sendri... "


dah la the embassy will uruskan this kind of matter on wednesday and monday,we hav to skipped lectures -_-"

yesterday,we went to cairo as early as the traffic and our bus BROKE DOWN in the middle of the road,we reached the embassy at around 11...the agent who went together with us,left us at the embassy with someone else who doesn't really know what our problem is..and,misscommunication occurs and we have to do the process twice..i don't want to elaborate on that,but lets just say that our purpose of going there is just CANNOT BE DONE..the spm results cannot be translated at the embassy on Cairo but hav to be done in Malaysia.. F***! awal2 lagi dah tanye boleh ke tak sruh parents buat kt malaysia....tak boleh la sgt kan? pppffffttttttttttt....!!!!!!!!

and for that,i've wasted many hours in Cairo,and skipped lectures and wasting my time and energy....ugghhhh....!!! gile pissed off kotttt!!! dah la solutions dia pon macam tak ade lagi kan..makna nye the trip was just a waste!

and because i kinda did not great on my spm,my results might not reach the sufficient criteria n i needed to go back much as i wud love to go home right now,but NOT to neglect/left my medicine studies just like would be a great loss for me,and a big dissapointment...lain la kalo aku ada byk duit n mampu nk further medic in malaysia,which was impossible sbb its VERY expensive and my dad was a pentioner and i don't have mum anymore.jadi KORANG BOLEH FAHAM TAK? try imagine it and put urself in my shoes.

so skarang ni,tgh tggu the agent translate my results in malaysia,and send it here in egypt,and wait for the wafideen to either make me stay here or send me back home.

EH...TAK! ade satu option kalo taknak kena hantar balik KALAU result spm tak diterima...ape?? OUH senang jer...RETAKE 8 subjects of spm..! haha! OUH SENANGNYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE T_T

now all of u know what my prob is,please don't stop me near the hallway or at the stairs or post on my wall of FB to say ANYTHING about this.i don't wanna discuss this,AT please...thanx..

huh emosi gile.hahaha.mane taknye,they're sending me home when i finally find some peace in egypt..bile gosip2 tidak enak sudah reda,bile i've found things dat cud make me happy here...when i've found the strength to keep on on the medicine field...haih.dugaan ya Allah....

maka,suma sudah jelas kan? well..just pray for the best right now,hoping that everything would be fine,insyaAllah....


ringo said...

goshhhhhhhhhhhhh!i feel for you pal. be strong keh. i know its hard. but i think u r tough enough.

fuzzyskuzzy said...

tenkiu bal... :) hopefully everything is gonna b fine...