Tuesday, March 23, 2010

i got a feeling

i just slept 2 hours last nite,i think its less than 2 hours..pbl punye psl..supposedly the pbl was on tuesday tpi our doctor got smthing else on that day so we did it today..friday dgn dinner nye lagi..sabtu da rase tak sehat semua...memang best la kan tido 2 jam jer..and so,after maghrib i slept and now its midnite and i just woke up...aaaaahhh HEAVEN! :D

i have 14 days before mid sem exam,and based on my experience last semester,its goin to b tough.i wanna be one of them too,u know,the one who gets the good results..the one that can confidently say to one another that they're going to compete on the exam...u know, "THE" group..the clever one,the top 5 one,the mumtaz one,the jaid jiddan one..i wanna be like them too.......it hurts to realize dat people never really go to u n said " weh gud luck,mumtaz same2 okeh? insyaAllah! " or like, " heeyyyy ko msti mumtaz LAGI ennn...aku nk beat ko laaaa... " huhu..beshnyerrrrrrrrrrrrr... T_T and wat hurts me most is dat most of the people whom i care about are one of "THE" group too.n im like left out and eventhough there's no judgement made on me,still,i JUDGE myself.and i hate my situation right now.

GOD i hate this low self-esteem thingy. T_T

i know,instead of whinning and blaming myself,i should be pushing myself harder,study hard,strive for the best and all....yes,im trying..but with this wafideen thingy on my mind,its hard to stay focus...ouh,news..if the wafideen sent a letter to the university saying that the 7 0f us who had the problem is not qualified for the university,we COULD NOT sit for the mid term exam and SHOULD be send home like,IMMEDIATELY.boleh tak? i dunno when my spm result is going to be send..those agents buat keje tanak lembab plak! -_-" stressss tau taaakkkk.....

da la nak off.kejelesan membuak2 setiap kali online.haha..

p/s: super headache sudah menyerang..! mane taknye,tido dah tak betol kan.huk3.

p/s/s: saying i love you is much easier said to a person who i don't have feelings like i have towards you...I'm afraid of losing you.

p/s/s/s: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEELY!!!!!!! :D:D:D


ringo said...

weh gila lah.nanti aku doa banyak2 supaye kau tak boleh balik sini.duduk mesir lame2 sikit.

em0s3nget said...

windu k.faz...
m'carik semangat stdy yg da lenyap lately nie..;(
tp 2 ar, idup kna chill an2??