Sunday, March 21, 2010

Left signal at a right turn

just got back from annual dinner GMMSC..and currently transferring pictures from the memory card to the laptop n sangat lembab okeh -_-" while listening to Kerispatih....sungguh rasa seperti mahu bernyanyi-nyanyian dengan bising skarang ni but its almost 3.30 in the morning,so yeah..sungguh tidak patut..haha... ;p

the annual dinner was okay I guess..the hall was quite small,but the deco was pretty cool :D:D…and with the corsage and all,rase mcm sungguh prom night! Tapi prom night yg kene asing-asing meja lelaki dan perempuan.HAHA! tapi okeyy laaaa...not bad at all...tak sbr nk tggu thn depan tu pon klo tahun depan aku ade lagi kat sini...ngeeee....ouh n btw songs for mum tu sgt buat saye mahu mnanges ok..time 1st time dgr kt fb pon da mcm nk nangis..huhuhu...

papepon,i am so glad the dinnes is over...TAKNAK PERGI TIR'AH DAH AT LEAST DUA MINGGU! hanya sampai area barakah je sanggup..lebeyh pade tu tanaaakkkkk.....huhu...penat dan muak tgk baju2 pengantin neh!!! ;p ;p

p/s: the reason for the clingy-ness and ‘everything-i-do-i-wanna-do-it-with-you’ attitude is because I want to spend all the time I have here with you bcoz im afraid dat I am going to be send back home to Malaysia soon…hope u’ll understand.

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