Wednesday, February 17, 2010

patient of love

hey doctor,I need your help.I think I'm not healthy,seriously I'm not well.

my heart beat is faster,and my hands are speech is stuttering,and my eyes are not blinking.

I can't stop smiling, and sometimes I laugh.

believe me doctor,the symptoms are stronger every time I'm with her.

so please doctor give me a cure.

i think I'm sick. I'm falling in love.


orang bercinta ni memang comel...aku dah lama tak rase aku comel...damn..! hahahahaha. ;p

just watched Valentine's Day on the cinema and i think its sweet,but not extremely..they don't overdo it..its an easy watching movie,and i enjoy every bits of it :)

p/s: kurang berperasaan la lately.apesal ek?

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