Sunday, February 14, 2010

every sky was ur own kind of blue

" u lift my feet off the ground, u spin me around..u make me crazier...crazier... " -taylor swift,crazier-


i keep playing dis song,everyday...bcoz i love the lyrics..n the melody just keep u khayal in ur own world and mcm tergile byg sket..i dunno y,but i love wud be nicer if i actually have someone to sing this song to...sweet killleeeerrrrr.....oke faz stop being pathethic..tapi tapi,Taylor Swift memang terbaek okeh! :)

so,i've been spending my winter break in Malaysia which was splendid! wpon basically im just hanging out and play around bdr bru bngi,but it does feel good..ease my mind..aaahhhhhhh sronoknye!! tamahu pulang! sobsob...tapi i have to go back to egypt..sacrifice my joy n happiness n luxury n comfort n ALL for my education n ambition.takpe lah faz..when u lose smthing,u usually gain something much better. :) and talking about egypt reminds me of how badly i've done in semester 1 exams...sangat takut weh..i don't think ANY of the paper was easy..tau lah,nme pon medic takkan nk senang kan..but wth was it bile bnda yang kau bace pon kau tak actually kinda dissapointed with myself..sgguh damn okeh perasaan ini..tapi watever la..bnda da lepas pulak kn..wishing it will went well..result akan okey,and i'll do better in sem 2.dats a promise. :)

oke the truth is,i haven't finish unpackking yet..hahahahaha yessss sgt pemalas..buruk btol pangai.oke going to un-burok my to clean up the messy room bebehhh ;p

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