Friday, February 19, 2010

free ur mind

aku suka tgk org tgh hangat bercinta...sebab diorang buat ape pon aku akan rase macam " aawwww comel gileeeee.. ;) "


love and ckp,mmg sinonim lah kan? bcoz when there's love,there's always been sacrifices...its cool to sacrifice 4 ur loved ones,tpi it can be un-cool when u take this phrase the WRONG way...macam ade anak2 gadis yang sanggup tinggalkan keluarga sbb nk kawen dekat Afrika Selatan ngan kontraktor sblh rumah dia...umur baru pon belasan tahun...its smthing dats for me,is sad..seriously..and for those who get pregnant then decided to abort the baby,lagilah sedih...why give life when u wanted to end it? wats more sad is when u get pregnant, u delivered d baby but then u just throw them away mcm buang sampah saja...weh,ape tu? ok yeah,u screwed up...and there wud b only two things on ur mind,to keep it or abort,but can u afford tu keep it? ur a student,who smtimes skip ur lunch bcoz u have no money,and u can't even sort out ur own wardrobe....and how the hell are u going to jaga the baby?? kalo abort,dah mcm mmbunuh plak kn...and so,its going to be hard,REAL hard decision to make...but then,u wouldn't hav to make d decision IF u avoid it from the start,but i suppose IF just doesn't exist in real life.

im sorry for taking this snsitive issue to be my topic today...i know,me myself have frens dat have gone thru all dis..and to b honest,i dun really like it...but then,bnda dah jadi kan,so i'll just support them to live their life after that..i suppose they've learn their lesson well....but for those yg belom terjebak but hampir2,PLEASE stay away from things yg bleh mmbawe kpd hal2 mcm ni..i am no saint,i got no halo above my head,im just a normal person who has snaps back to reality and knows dat,u know,dats wrong..its time to change for the better...insyaAllah..

but.......its a different kind of story when u sacrifice ur handphone-utk dibuat bahan balingan, ur hands-from hurting urself by punching the wall and even ur frens when ur so in love with ur partner..haa..sampai sanggup putus kawan okeh..i dunno wat kind of people is dis..kalo kawan2 tu mmg jerks i'd totally understand la,tapi bile kwn tu ko sndri tau is one of ur best fren who had always been there for you-memang 'mengenang budi' lah kan. -_-"

baik kau bercinta dengan robot.senang sket nak kontrol,ye dokk??

ouh well...don't take any love advices from me...i've never been successful in any of my past relationship pon kan..teettt..! u'r wrong..bcoz i always failed la korang kne amik advice aku...bcoz,i know all the wrongs..i've been with them,REMEMBER?? haha..!!! ;p

sorry for anyone yg terase with this just letting out what i offense.. :)

wisdom word for the day - " i ADORE lots of people, and lots of them are strangers, but to find the one stranger that i will really LOVE , that's gonna take me some time.. " yeah bebeh.

p/s: aku jumpe kembar yg comel hari ini.gile SUKA OKEH! ;p

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