Friday, December 4, 2009

minggu yang panjang

ouh what a hectic week!

starting off from a trip to cairo..then went back home to mansoura for eid adha celebration,which was awesome i tell u..then,backpacking again to alex! whoa! superduper awesome trip!

ok..lets start from cairo..we didn't do much at cairo..and the best part of cairo for me,is,CITY STAR! uuu im soooo loving the smell of a shopping complex!! sangan jakun okehhh!!! sangat rindu bau ituuuu....heee...and thanx to our tour guide,apek,i've released my stress by the shopping therapy and it went so well....puas hati wehhhhh.... :D:D maka,cintaku tertinggal di cairooo ;p

then the eid adha celebration..two days..balik je dari cairo,we went to shop for the food..beli ayam sayur and all..masak utk raya! gile wehhh penat3! dat morning went 4 d festival of sacrifice,tgk lembu kne sembelih..i took a lot of pictures which was awesome..taking pictures makes me happy :D..2nd day of the celebration.there was this perfomances,and more taking pictures,and yet again im so happyyyy...heee...

on dat same evening....we went to alex..ouh yes..sangat penat..and lepakking at alex beach until 2.30am in the morning..SUPER DUPER COOL..pantai alex sudah mendengar smua masalah felt good..ana bihitbu pantai alex awi2!! d next day,went to green plaza and watched 2012..wayang dia ade iklan plak after 1 hour -_-" gile potong mood kot..but overall the trip was superrrrbbbbb!!! thanxxx bdak2 alex..wpon rmai yg tak knal..and baru knal..and soryyyyy tak amik pon u guys nye numberrrrr -_-" saye sungguh makcik okeh.

balik mansoura...BAU HIMAARRRR ouh rindduuuuu...!!! hahahahahahaha...!! ouh n somehow semua masalah yg dah terlepas kat cairo and alex,dtg balik bile balik cni..grr...ok rakyat mansoura...if u guys hate me dat much..i am so willing to go to alex dowww...bahagia gile aku kat sneee...i dun understand y people r like so damn sibuk with my life and trying to ruin it or watsoever but the thing is,its super annoying kot.go find smthing else to bother la..penat la nk layaaaannnnn.......~~

ouh..alex reminds me so much of KL..seriously..n now im so fucking homesick..i miss u guys back in malaysia wehhh...i know i've said it a million times already...but i really do miss u guys..ouh and haritu dak2 10-1 post video especially for me at FB,which was sgt cool and aku sgt terharuuu and aku sgt rindu korang weeehhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! at least i know dat there r people who still miss me.sob sob.ayat nk touching jer,ngee..

ouh n yeah.i miss a fren of mine.i am being reminded of him a lot lately.and i miss having him as a fren.

next vacation...ALEX tggu dakuuuu!! nanti kite cerita panjg2 lagi okeh..kali ni aku tak kisah kau basah2 kan seluar aku lagi..aku bawak seluar spare..meshi?? ;)

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