Wednesday, December 30, 2009


trying to erase those sweet memories
trying hard to delete those names whom i used to care about
trying to fill the empty spaces in my heart
trying to closed my eyes and pretend i didn't see
closed my ears and pretend i didn't hear
trying to smile eventhough its a fake smile

trying my best to ignore his glance and his smiles

 I'm seriously trying REAL hard.

luckily my obsession never fails to make me happy...eventhough it is just for a little while,its worth a smile ;)

losing a friend is painful enough, and i am losing MANY at one time..i don't know how i should describe my feeling right now...

making friends is not as easy how it used to be.i miss u guys in Malaysia.seriously missing all of you..
okeyysungguhshityerperasaaniniireallywanttocry T_T

only GOD knows how the pain feels like..


deep said...

tamo nangissss.xpe.nnt die clash die carik kau punye.ehh.btol ke pasal die?haha

ringo said...

bodoh.aku ade.

fuzzyskuzzy said...

deep..ko cite ape ni...hahahahahaha

rangga..i knowwwwww...tapi ko jauh.ko ptt ade kt cni..ckp nk dtg teman aku T_T