Sunday, November 1, 2009

lets get random

1. no matter what happends, just follow what your heart tell you to do.

2. terima kasih fendi blanje kami makan..saye kenyang + sedikit happy tadi :)..sungguh lawak penyataan fendi di dalam teksi itu..hahahahahaha. ;p

3. i hate it when people starts to ignores me.especially when i don't know the reasons why.dont you find it annoying,to feel like people surrounds you is acting weird and kinda like,avoiding u or smthing?? i mean..what the hell is wrong with you? what have i done wrong??

4. it's 1.43am in Egypt, and im still awake..not studying,but reading people's blog. -_-"

5. eh,korang tau kan,aku blog bile jiwe kacau?

6. my nose bleed.seasons changing sucks.

7. i don't know what will make me happy right now..1 thing 4 sure,i miss my mom so much..things work differently without her..i have so many questions to ask her,too many things to tell her,too many stories to share with her..but hey,Allah loves her more aite..lagipon,org cakap mati akibat penyakit ni insyaAllah dosa terhapus.kalau ya mcm tu,alhamdulillah..

8. bayangkan perasaan sesorang tu bila doktor tu sendiri yang cakap, " ur mom has only 50% chances to 1st,d infection is only at the lung,n her chances was about 75%,and now it has invade d blood..and so,her chances is only 50-50..but don't worry,we'll try our best...u just pray for her ok..." and i pray for God to stop the suffering..bcoz it is sad to see her lying in bed with all the tubes inside her..seriously.

i seriously don't know what kind of doctor i'll be.

9. jiwa kosong la gileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...........................................................

- oke ini sudah terlalu random. haha..marilah insaf dan tidor supaya esok boleh bangun pagi dan sambung belajar..ayyyooohhhhh....!! -

1 comment:

shafiqa said...

your mom saket ke? :(
pray that evrything will be just fine.
study well and be tough.