Sunday, November 8, 2009

aku lapar -_-"

clearly,the issue of discrimination among us has been getting more serious days after days..and clearly,people here still can't figure out how i work things out n how i handle stuffs..

if u started to get to know me,u'll c dat i am just being me..i talk a lot,i swear smtimes,i hav my own way on saying things,i am honest,and i like to make things straight..i dun really care what'll happen,i'll just share my opinions..its nothing bad really,its just an opinion..and yea,i do like to praise guys..but dat doesn't mean dat i am gatal,or smthing similiar to just saying my opinions and tell people how i feel about them.yes,i am that honest.if i do like somebody,i'll tell him..nothing's wrong with it for me,n dat way i'll know what he feels about me,too..

situation now is,there's this rumors..saying dat i like smone.obviously,i do.but,not in a way dat people think i do..i do have my rights to express how i feel about smone right? and yeah,not everyone dat i like means i wanted all of them to be i just wanted to be b honest,i still can't find any good guy frens like the one i hav back in Malaysia.u just hav to know,and i don't know how many times already i've been telling people this fact,but yeah,i do feel a lot more comfortable smtimes talking to a guy fren rather than the girls..

ouh n yeah..smhow i really like dis one guy.but i just want to be friends tho.can't his frens just keep their mouth shut and let us be normal friends? u guys r making things so simple become SO complicated.i don't get it.ur just ouh-so-annoying! hope u evaporate and disappear to the thin air.. -_-"

and about those discrimination thing? stop la.stop acting so childish..we're far away from home.we need each other's support..don be all too cocky and arrogant and all..its not gonna bring u anywhere pon..merugikan diri sendiri ajer..

missing all of u guys back home..sob sob.

gambar nak klasik jer semua.haha. ;p

ouh nk tgk gmbr tu bsar sket sile lah klik.jgn malu2.haha ;p


ringo said...

ala kesiannye budak faz nh.
bialah mereka berkata-kata.

*akibat tidak gemar bergambar,gamba aku tiada sob sob sob*

fuzzyskuzzy said...

tu la rangga....dtg teman aku cni wehhhhhhhh :(:(

aahh...gmbr ko..aku nk ltak gmbr ko n chi mei yg ko bgi tu..tapi gmbr tu kt laptop kt malaysia doww..huhuhuh...

gmbr xde,tpi u know where u stand kn? ;)

fuzzyskuzzy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
leely said...

hah has been removed? menarik tu..hehheleh uat story ;p

fuzzyskuzzy said...

lor..aku yg delete la..komen aku yg kt ats tu ter post dua kali..aku delete la satu...ape daa..hahaha..