Friday, November 13, 2009

another heart calls

You are not sweet, you are kind

You are not handsome, you are cute

You don't have angelic voice, but your voice is just soothing

You are not that friendly, but that's because you are so shy

I found many reasons to like you, somehow hoping one day u would know.

U would know

How much I adore you

How much I think of you

How happy I am to see you

How glad I am to talk to you

How nice to meet someone like you

How relieved to know that I have a friend like you

Somehow, missing you is the best thing to do

Even though you’ll never know how I feel about you.


To have the chance to love you is one thing

To be loved by you, well that’s something I’ll never want to lose.

“Still got a piece of you under my skin, it’s always there no matter where I’ve been“

- jiwang kerana terlalu banyak mendengar lagu cinta dan menonton filem romantic. haha… -

p/s: semakin hari semakin gemok.mesir….mesir……


ringo said...

pergh jiwang siot ko nh faz.
kat egypt memang sume jiwang2 eh.
best plak ayat ko nh.
aku nk copy bagi kat katy perry ar.
gerenti dapat kapel cmnh.

fuzzyskuzzy said...

haha.diam ah ko babal.ko lagi jiwang kot.ko la ajar aku...aku igt lagi,mse role play BEL dlu...ko la sumber skrip dan sumer poem2 indah tu kan kan kan..hahahahahahahahahah =))

bgi ah.tapi katy perry tau ah ko copy dari aku..sbb aku ngn dia kn org same.duhhh..hahahahahah..