Saturday, November 21, 2009

i am so confused


smtimes,i just dunno what to think n how to make a decision.smtimes i dunno wat i've done wrong until people start accused me of stuffs.i am confused with myself, people surrounding me, with strangers, with the weather, with everything.things are so blurr nowadays..i dunno y..i wonder y?

its time 4 me to have some time for myself.i am in need of a shopping therapy like,immediately! ouh cairo! tggu kedatangan ku! ngeeeeeeeeee!

i should really start preparing myself for the upcoming exams..but with things happening around me,i just don't know y,but the laziness starts to fills the airrrrr if u know wat i mean..huhuh..PLUS,i hate case 6..ouh what the heck,like i hav a choice..kne study jugak nk tanak,daaaammmmnnnnn T_T

yesterday,i have this bad feelings..i dunno y,feels like smthing bad is going to happen to my closest i texted everyone dat i can rmmbr of,hoping everyone is fine..masalahnye,dua org je yg reply T_T...n i go to sleep feeling unsecured and susah ati n x sdap ati n sume2 perasaan yg tak best..sangat UNCOOL..i even get a weird reply,i mean,VERY WEIRD,yg mcm tak mnjwb soalan tapi mcm errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr tapi takpe mls nk pk.huhuhu. ;p but hey people.don't get weird okeh..i am always like dat..smtimes i just had this sense,n usually my sense is true..but yesterday taktau la sape yg tlibat but mmg rase tak best gile laaaaaa.....huk2..

i am so cold,my feet is turning blue.SERIOUSLY.

ouh,selamat pengantin baru topan & kak yunn!! semoga kekal hingga akhir hayat..maaf lah topan,faz xdpt nk tunaikan permintaan peti ais 6 pintu tuh..kat mesir skang enn...nk uat canewww...hahaha!! hope the reception went well okehh..faz doakan yg terbaek utk korang..heeeee..

p/s: macam seronok pula kawan2 dah kawen...hai si kacak saya,bila nak jumpe niiiiiiiiiiii.....................

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