Saturday, October 31, 2009

when the sun goes down

its dat time of the month again..the time when i'll feel miserable, insecure, down, low in self esteem and paranoid.


i am officially 1 month already in feels like forever and d more time i spent in here, d more i feel like everything that i've done will be a mistake.

its not dat i am regretting myself 4 being here.NEVER..i am super thankful okeh.syukur alhamdulillah..but,its like,everything seems ti go wrongly each day.i just don't understand why...

i am okay with my study.
i am okay with my house.
i am super okay with my housemate and all my friends.
i don't know specifically what i am not okay about, but something just felt so worng..
seriously, i hate this feeling.

i am hoping things wud get better in has make so much out of me.especially in 2009.i am becoming someone not me.
this fact,scares me.

- written at 12.46am / 29th october 2009 in Mansoura -


mei said...

rndu kte yea :p
x mo la sdeh2 (:

fuzzyskuzzy said...

aah..rindu mei :(