Tuesday, November 17, 2009

i should be sleeping

the last post was my 178 posts in blogger.my fav no.yeay! i shud celebrate! haha! oke pathetic T_T

1st lesson of the day : DON'T complete ur PBL last minute.u'll end up sleeping for not more than 2 hours n the result is u'll be silly for d whole day.u will not stop laughing, being silly, flirting with everyone and SIKIT LAGI nk terkantoi macam2 wehhhhhhhhhhhhh....but somehow,its a good laugh..reminds me of frens back in malaysia.dammnnn homesick lgi T_T

ok.so,with mind half awake all day long,lets recall wat had happen today.hee.this shud b interesting.started with being late to class,but not that late la..but still kne dok blkg..but i kinda like to seat at d back smhow..nk kate da bosan dok dpn x la,tpi sbab kt blkg ade lampu so nk mnulis lbih mudah..isn't there any genius out there wud like to invent smthing like,a pen maybe,which hav sum sort of lamp dat cud give sum lights on the paper we're writing on but the lights will not kacau mate org sblh or attract much attention from surroundings..kire mcm,just me,pen and the paper.whoa cool.oke merepek..after lecture,there's PBL.i saw Faizal Tahir,and he makes me happy.bcoz i just posted in FB dat i miss Faizal Tahir n POOFF there he is depan mate..best nye..if only wat i said i miss wud appear in front of my eyes,WHOA sgt cool..! ngee..i laughed a lot during PBL.everything seems so funny.mungkin ade gas ketawa dalam blik tu.hmmm...

went to Etisalat to pay 4 the broadbands under my name..pastu mse blk lalu taman dlm gamaah.pretty pretty pretty!!!!! :D:D:D:D ouh n then blk lalu istad.saje mengade.i just LOVE istad.don't u guys?? haha.but i can't find what i am looking for..aww..ok kantoi ade niat lain lalu situ -_-"..tapi cool ape.at least jalan dlm tu is much more prettier than lalu area gala' yg sesak dn mnyakitkn ati tu.hee. ;p alasan je.tau.haha.weh ape aku merepek nieeeeeeee~

plan to hav my dinner at nusan,tpi nusan tutup.ouh sgt gedik.n perut sudah ouh sgt lapa..n so we decided to eat at nusan 2..otw there,it rainss...in 15 seconds..but its dat 15 seconds of rains dat makes my baju still not dry yet wpon da bpe ari jemur.see.i hate winter! ngee..ouh n then i think i may talk too much at nusan 2 tadi.maaf yer.sape yg kene sakat tu,u hav to undrstnd,there's the time when i'll b dat mereng n dat annoying.hahaa..!! ;p went home,watch PS I Love You,and cried..i know,i've watched them so freakin many times already but stiilllllll romantic kootttttt!!!! touching gileeeee...!!~~~ ouh n wanna know a secret? when i 1st read d novels,i smhow had this thought in my mind,dat mayb my life wud be like Holly's..where my loved one will leave me when i really need it the most..haih..tu yg lagi touching tgk tu..tpi novel dia superduper lagi sweet la..but my book is history already.i can't rmmbr to whom i lend it to.i think its with my ex-bestfriend.ergh.nak mintak takleh,nnti awek dia mrh. *roll eyes* hahaa!

see.when u fill ur days with activities,ur world wud seems less sucks somehow..socialize a bit,at the right times.with the right person.

maybe i have a little prob with finding d right person thing.still in search of frens dat can reeaaaalllyyy relate to me..but frens dat i hangout with today is cool! me likey! ;p u know who u are :D

weh tadi aku tibe2 ter pk..dorg salu ckp,ssh nk dpt umah utk 6org thn 2 nnti..samane nk idop kalo takde liyana utk dibuli? tiade zarith sbg pembekal video2 pelik dari korea? tiade zan utk kami blaja bahase utare n bhs tamil?? tiada tira utk dipanggil mak? tiade fathin yg tau sume gosip saye??? samaneeeee samaneeeeee???!!!

takyah pk skang.lambat lagi kot.LOL.

baiklah.saya patut tidur.segera.sebelom lebih merepek.

quote from Dr. Zakria: " its a normal female.........errmmm i don't know if there's anything called a normal female....." grrr...boleh plak en..haha..!


ringo said...

haha Dr zakaria tu mmg terbaek.

weh buku ko kat mizan ar kot.aku pun xigt.rase dah bagi balik

fuzzyskuzzy said...

Dr tu tipu..dia sgt diskriminasi.hahaha..

erm agknye la kt dia..sbb pas ko pinjm aku bgi deep,n seigt aku deep da pulgkn da..pastu aku bgi dia..hee..

weehhh asal sebut nme diaaaa..kantoi aaaa...hahahahahha ;p ;p