Tuesday, November 3, 2009


tadi buat social interview kt FB pastu dia tnye, waht is ur biggest obsession right now?


i seriously don't know.i can't say im obsessed with blogger boy,since i haven't watched that series like so fucking long time da wehh..n the internet is still not stabilize so nk tgk catch up tv tu mcm serupe ko takyah tgk la..hee..i can say that i am obsessed with this song and that song,but i don't think dat as my BIGGEST obsession pon la kn..coz we need bigger impact for it to b the BIGGEST obsession kan kan.. ;p ( ouh tapi lagu Thinking Of You - Caprice ft. Annatasha sgt styleeeeee ) i don't have big obsession on mariah carey mcm kichan......ngeee...i do like taylor swift,AAR,etc etc but tis not like i buy all their cds n listen to their song like,24 hours per day pon enn...so i was like,DAMN aku takde obsession ke dowwww.....tpi its gud la kn..means im not wasting my time focusing on one thing and becoming obsessed with it en? tapi,ade tak org obsess dgn buku? mesti ada.ouh saye envy kamu!

dlu en, (eceh nk cite gak tu) i've dis BIG obsession on this one guy...utk kwn2 yg rapat,dorg tau aku suke tgk tgn,rambut,dan ......takleh bgtau lagi satu...sume nk bgtau lemak ah.! haha.kidding2..erm anyways mmg xnk gtau pon :D..tpi mcm klo usha smone i'll usha those parts la kn..ngee..n then there's this one person who i think has the perfect or at least almost perfect utk criteria2 itu..haha..n i was like so obsessed,smpai mcm laki tuh bleh nynyi lagu mariah carey "obsessed" tu kt aku...eh dia tak nynyi la,tapi dats how much obsessed i am to him..grrr...tapi en..al kisah nye obsession tu tak lame..sbb...ade je yg dtg dan meng-less-kan obsession saye kpd org itu..tapi en..snanye i'll never stop obsessing on him ouh..i just won't tell u guys anymore la..heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee now u know :D:D

baik,the main reason for this post? aku pon taktau weh.its 5am already n i haven't sleep yet okeh..i hate winter..sejuk awi2..nk balik Malaysiaaaaaa!!!! grrr..ouh.mungkin itu obsesi saye.kepada Malaysia..gilebabi patriotik siot..wahh bangge2! i am proud to be Malaysian..i am proud to live harmoniously there..i am glad of the super nice road n drainage system,the kindness and hospitality of our people,the super nice cars,the habuk-less environment ( go green bebeh.haha tibe2),the nasi lemak,the nasi dagang,the roti canai,the ane,the ameerali,the fareez maju,the traffic lights,the Bandar Baru Bangi,my house my family my fishes my room my bed my clothes yg tak bwk cni OHMYGODIMISSEVERYSINGLETHINGINMALAYSIARIGHTNOW! homesick.........................uhuk.

saye perlu tidur.ouh n btw gossips itu kdg2 mnyusahkan dow.haih.


ringo said...

bukan ko obses kat aku ke

fuzzyskuzzy said...

ye la babal.ko lah lelaki yg diceritakan itu..haih..uat tak phm plak........ ;p