Tuesday, October 13, 2009

bukan taknak..

tapi susah..

im trying my best to update things here,but internet is still not installed and the cybercafe has a keyboard that need serious tapping in order to write smthing.ngee..

things here are fine..i had a lot of fun.but seriously im missing my buddies back in malaysia.i can't help it but to think about how wonderful the air is.how green the environment.and how polite the drivers are.YES,im taking back all those nasty things i've said about the stupid drivers in malaysia.they're being stupid bcoz they r driving in malaysia,but if they come to egypt,i'll bet they will b the polite-est driver EVER.! here in mansurah,they never give signals.they don't turn on their lights unless when they really3 desperately needed to turn it on..itu pon utk bbrp saat je ida psg.seriously annoying.they just love to HONK.ughh.org kawen pon,berarak pkai hon kot. -_-"

my class will start soon.15th oct..man im so nervous bout it.n i feel excited too! ngee! this is it people,the course dat i've always wanted to work on.i hope i'll do well.amin3!

notes of d day: im so happy today! :D

p/s: happy birthday BEDOT! ;p


ringo said...

weh ble nk blk nh.haha

aphids said...

sgt terkejut u wism me here...
thnks arr, 4 d nasi lemak too

mei said...

best of luck cik paz !
rindu n syg faz.muaxcch! (:

BaZLi said...

jage diri leklok :)

deep said...

balik jela weh
goodluck keh

fuzzyskuzzy said...

esk aku blk.hahahaha! weehhh rindu kotttt korg sume!! mei2,miss u n love u tooo!!! :D:D

bed.mafish musykillah la.hehe.beas jgn lupe pulang ;p