Saturday, October 24, 2009

this is me

i felt a sudden feeling of loneliness is such a nonsense feeling,since i am not lonely at dad was in the fren is all around..n yet, i feel so damn lonely here..i can't really understand y.

but hey.u know why? i think i just miss my frens in msia..i think my lost at my past has made me realize dat im not ready 4 any lose in this meantime..and,i am also not ready to make any new afraid of losing again.. :(

i am okay,seriously..but at times,this kind of feelings hit me.and i start missing people whom i have lost,n who i am afraid of losing..smtimes,its death dat separate me from the one i love..n smtimes,its just the people n d surroundings n i dunno wat the hell they were thinking..ok i hate talking bout this.i can't believe dat smone who was so close to me can be yet this far okeh.seriously.yeah it proves,people change. -_-"

lately i've been missing a lot of people rite? 4give just being alone in a far away city from home.i'll be okay soon. ;)


leely said...

homesick sudey ;p

aku friendsick bley x? huhu

fuzzyskuzzy said...

i am more to friendsick oke.. -_-"