Friday, August 7, 2009

story telling

yesterday i went to warta,n went to the cimb bank..there used to be like a small bank..u know,the one with counters n slips blablabla tu kan..but they hav just finished renovating it n skang all dat is left are machines..3 atm machines, 1 cash deposit machine and the cheque thingy yesterday i went in,n bcoz there was no one else there,i went to the 1st machine,which is the nearest to the door la kn..waiting for the machine to do its work,which is giving money,i noticed dat smone is like watching curiously from outside..he's a big,i mean BIG indian man who wores pagoda shirt n a worn shirt outside,n shorts..i didn't want to be mean or cruel or anything but,what i mean by big is actually his belly..he was like looking into the bank,which,i was alone la kn..then he pushed the door n came in..ok honestly,i freaked out..i dunno y but i just kept thinking bad i take the card,the money n the receipt as fast as the machine can work it out fer me.heh..dis man went straight to me n look at me straaaiigghhhttt in the eyes..

"adik..itu bank mau masuk duit tada kaa?"

oke aku da cuak pastu cm blur so i was like pointing to the cash deposit machine n said

"erm..tu kot"

im trying to minimalise the eye contact between us but everytime i catches his eyes he was like staring at me.gosh..then he said again..

"itu yang tulis2 kasik masuk..apa..kaunter itu suma tada ka?"

aiyo amma appa..aku bukan kaunter ptanyaan kot -_-" i was like

"erm..ouh aah da xde dah"

and i heard he said


b4 i left him inside the bank..
i went to guardian to buy stuffs n hav to pass through the bank again to go to my car,that's when i saw that man again..standing outside the bank,making a phone call (in indian la kn)..but then,i noticed he was actually holding some cheque book or smthing..i feel bad..i feel like i should go to him n told him that u know,he can go to sksyen 8 if he needed to deal with the cimb staffs..well i just didn't tell him anything.i felt so racist n im so mean..!!! PLEASE FORGIVE ME :(

this happen like maybe a month or two ago..cnt really rmmber..i was back from smwhere using the FAVOURITEEE public transport,,i was waiting for my brother to pick me up bcoz i dun really like the taxis there,heh..i was tired of standing all the way during the ride so i sit at the stall kt bwh ktm ukm tuh kn..if i just sit there n not order anything mcm xbest ah plak kn,so i went to the fridge n take out a can of soya bean n pay fer this table im sitting,was actually opposite a guy's table..he was alone too..smthing dat captured my eyes d most about this guy is,his hair..dread lock..wohoo reggae seyhh..but then there's smthing about his was VERY VERY familiar.not to mention very handsome too..n bcoz of my curiosity i tend to look at him too much and not noticing dat he was actually looking at me too,with the "do i know you" looks and a smile on his face..ok dat was embarassing,but then i mayb not goin to c him anymore so yah was more than 5 minutes of me staring at him,him staring at me,we look weirdly at each other like we hav smthing to say,but we ended up did not say anyhting at,we just sit there n STARE..smpaiii my brother came n i went into the car..that guy watches me until we lost sight of each la,teruja ok sbb dia ensem ;p
i know i had to change my glasses a long time ago..seb skang da tuka but i should do it earlier.
today i watch asian potion on hitz tv..and i saw dat guy in dis v/clip: PANJI REGGAE - SHARPSHOOTER! oke now it makes sense knp he looks so familiar.. -_-"

u know d days when no one msged fon calls,no msgs...well believe it or not actually i never had those days..there's this one number..never fails to msg me..smtimes he'd be the 1st to msg,n smtimes he's d 1st n d last..but yeah like i said b4,he NEVER failes to rmmbr thoughtful kan?
guess who?



ringo said...

story 1.
ish3 say no to racism.
we belong to same da species.
(eceh student bio ar konon en)

story 2.
ooo..excited sbb ensem ar nh.
klu xensem mesti lagi excited.

story 3.
hotlink mmg fucking thoughtful

fuzzyskuzzy said...

weh..ko student uitm..uitm kn racist,nk bumiputera jekk..hahahah... ;p

ensem weh....mamat ensem snyum kt aku..teruja2 :)

tulah..exactly,haihhhh -_-"

Pan Pan Da said...

kesian dia weh.
tanak kawan

fuzzyskuzzy said...

weyyyy aku xsgje ah pan...sob2 :(

deep said...

kalo aku pon aku takot weh org tibe2 jek serbu

panji2 ragae

sbb tu aku gelarkan die kekasihku hotlink
kadang2 teruje jek bile dapat msg.skali kekasihku la.laki aku pon xrajin anta msg mcm die.sangat setia.heheh

fuzzyskuzzy said...

mmg kekasihku hotlink la wehhh..setia abess...klo bleh kawen ngn hotlink aku kawen da..hahahahah ;p