Thursday, August 20, 2009

sabtu puasa!

yeay! :D

smhow ramadhan always excites me in a way..i just love them..awi2 :D

but hey dis ramadhan is smthing yaw..coz it means dat im getting near to my flight off to egypt..whoaaaa gile excited to start stdying back but thinking of d people im gonna leave back here makes me sad.weh aku kne move on dow.faz move on!! yah2!! ok ignore my insanity..uhuk..

ok.smthing happen yesterday.i just don't understand y people keep accusing me of stealing her boyfren padahal its been yearssssssssss dat we've been in contact wit each other,n yah its bcoz of not u,but her la.heh..n then u tell all ur friends dat i am a hypocrite? then wat are u? knon x kesah nk kontek boyfren dia tpi bile dpt tau kite kontek amek kau mlenting mcm org gile -_-"..n yah,gal,please note dat everything in dis world is not about YOU..we don't care bout u n watever u r doing with ur bf..but when it involves us,then its our bsnss to deal..klo smpai boyfren ko takut nk dtg bday party aku sbb tanak ko marah tuh....ko pk la sndri eh.i dun really care bout dat,i stil cnsider him as a fren tho..tpi bile the gelfren sibok accusing me of "mnyimpan perasaan" kat boyfren dia i was like,OKEEE WHATEVERRRR...aku tak hingin laa..sket pon aku tanak.ko paranoid sgt knp? pelik aahh..its weird when i NEVER even touch her but she hates me so much..i dunno what i've done wrong to u la gal..but my advise is,GROW UP.ok?


( 40 days to my flight ) 0_o


leely said...

yeah dak kcik kn grow up~
if only she can la plak..wakakak~~

fuzzyskuzzy said...

hrp2 boleyh dow..kcian aku asik kne tduh je.hahaha..