Wednesday, August 12, 2009


oke,after a long time of sitting at home n being the official bibik of d auz,i finally realized dat,im getting fatter! gile weh..aku da gemok kot! n i have no intention of dieting bcoz im afraid i might miss the malaysian foods and the home cooking at egypt later and regret being in a diet now..huhuh..and so,ur just goin to hear me complaining of my unsatisfaction of the body while im goin to do nothing about it unless complaining.haha..urghh..this must be caused by all the choc cakes n brownies i baked..asal abes je uat baru kot..haha! smpai like,when u opened the fridge on search of food,u'll find the apalageehhh...hahah..luckily there's the sugar issue goin on n i hav stopped the baking for awhile..kang abes gk gula kt bangi neh -_-"..

went to klcc last sunday and watched the proposal..hillariously funny! i loikee...but watching de romantic movie only reminds me of one person n itu mcm ouh xbest..i know im supposed to get rid of him already tapi,u know,smhow dis particular person is goin to cost me a whole lot of time much more than i think he wud..yelah,i've been single for 2 years a long time ago..but kinda think about it,im not actually single 4 d whole 2 years status was more to like not-single-and-available...ehee..bez ouh time tuh..heaven ;p ;p so i was very merry and hepy and not worried at all..but nowadays i do feel lonely and besides getting msg from hotlink i dun really msg wit any other person..ade la mei msg kdg2,hee..seb ade mei teman kite ;p..i forgot already how it feels to hav no boyfie in ur life anymore..i can leave my fon at my room the whole day n when i went upstairs to check for any msgs or calls i wouldn't be suprise if there's none of it..hee..bapak ah..n yah,many r not agreed wit the long distance relationship thingy n so,my malaysia-egypt fantasy is like POOFF gone.heh.

besides,who wants a black,fat and ugly person as their galfren? HOHO.

whatever..tomorrow im going to make an apple crumble! ( okeh x sdar diri lagi tuh da gemok..haha! ) later!!~~


ringo said...

ko mesti x berak nh.
aku mkn byk gk,tp hari2 berak la.
weh jijik gle komen aku.
page ko dh tercemar.

fuzzyskuzzy said...

hahahaa..takpe,aku da biase da..hahahah ;p