Thursday, August 6, 2009


i hav been delaying this post for ages..sorryyy!! hahahah ;p

ok.i hav been doing sum cleaning these days..a few days back i've cleaned my room..and i found so much stuffs! my skul stuffs la mcm x tahan skali..lawak sure bring back memories ;)..ouh then i found my guitar lessons file..okee rindu kottt..i miss playing the guitar..yes,i've learned how to play it when i was in form 3 kot..then i found guitar tab 4 songs dat i love to play back then..behind blue eyes,knocking on heaven's sucks dow,knowing dat skang da x reti men lgsg kot..haha..i learned acoustic guitar so i dun really know how to play the chords..but back then my bf was a rockstar-in-the-making,so i found his notes..he did taught me a bit.aha..sweet kn..dush2..skang da rockstar da dia..eceh..gud 4 him tho.he's really good in making music.. ;) ouh yg paling best,i found lyrics dat i sure dat i've also tried to make the song as well,but i don't really know how to write chords so i just write them lyrics...pndek je pon..pastu cm projek tgendala..damn..da bpe thn x men guitar..SERIOUS RINDU!

its friday again and im glad
because the world has not yet come to the end
thank God for making this happen
thank God for giving me a chance to change
thank God for not ending the world just yet
i have made so much sin
i do regret it
and yet,i still has not changed

ehe..this is written during my form 3,so mind the language..and yah mind the amateur writing too..tapi i do think its a good effort though *mari memuji diri sndiri! heh*

i sleep after subuh and woke up during zohor..damn my sleeping clock has got to be tuned back to normal! melatonin -_-"..oke merepek.hee..

more posts coming up..later~

p/s: pick-up lines..pick-up lines..dats all i've been hearing lately..all im gonna say is,good luck guys.. ;)

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