Wednesday, August 26, 2009

jual ikan

rmmbr my last post with the BAPAK GELI ayat tu? its geli but its accurate -_-"

owwkaaayyy..i know ade post lepas2 dat i kinda tell u dat i wanted to post smthing bout dream rite? well i decided dat d content is a bit too personal i guess..u might use it as my weakness to bring me down..ngahahah no no kidding,but yea its too personal..but hey,lets talk about dreams..dreams are smthing dat u hope ur gonna be or goin to achieve or watsoever..or maybe smthing dat u know u never achieved? heh,when u put it dat way,its sounds harsh right? hrmm..what about dream come true? well dat brush off the harshness i guess,to have smthing dat u think is only a dream,but smhow its coming true..sweet! u guys watched one tree hill? well dats my favourite series..back in season 1 & 2 la..then i lost track of it.hee..but always,i've always always wanted lucas to be with peyton.i LOVE peyton..she's super duper uber COOL..heee..n yah dis season of one tree hill,peyton tell lucas this :

" u rmmbr wat i told u bout my dreams? i always had dis dream,d same dream that you and i are in this hotel room and u propose..n everytime,i say yes "

well,smthing like dat la.n they're like engaged now.gile sweet :')

fiction.they always give u smthing dat u always wanted but so difficult to get in real life.bpe banyak cinta bputik kali kedua yg mnjadi? not dat many..usually they just won't even give a chance pon..well i used to think dat way me,an ex is an ex,which i have already put a pangkah on their getting back with them is a no-no-never-not-so-ever situation..but as time goes by,i realized dat everybody deserve to hav a second chance.tpi d real reason yg buat aku tibe2 rase mcm ni ialah selfishness..why? bcoz im the one who's hoping for the second chance from someone.heh.YEAH PEOPLE CHANGE.

i guess smtimes u just gotta hav to think of smthing for urself instead of thinking of other people's matter.susah mau kasi puas ati sume org ouh.

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