Friday, August 28, 2009

a lil bit of smthing

i made an album on my skool days kt FB.d days when all of us are so comot,n ugly n sgt xleh blah! haha.well,at least i am all of that.hee..i tag them people,n many removes it.knp? malu kot tgk muke sndri.well im not shy bout it,i know dat was me.note the tense: WAS..kalo xde zaman kcik yg hodoh tu,xde la aku yg


arini,skali lagi,jari aku terluke -_-"..dis time terkene dapur time lap2 :(

i might lose all my jari if i continue to do dis to myself.CLUMSY ME.


i hate washing ashtrays.they make wanna puke.


today,i made myself useful..finally i realized dat egypt is only around d,i made my list like FINALLY.n tonite i'll pack a bit. ( sebenarnye baju dah mlimpah2 kt bilik tu since i dun hav a proper putting them in the bag would mngurangkn semak laa in my room ) :D


did u know dat there's just too many hotties n cuties out there nowadays? n did u knnow dat men seriously are like pupus-ing? no offense,where the hell & how the hell am i gong to find a new boyfren? the chances are,THIN.

n yah my ex will soon find smone to replace me.he didn't say anything yet,but,i just know it.uughhh...


ouh i've finally found my ex classmate mase skola rndh dlu..i was looking for him since abes pmr dlu..n now we're back in contact through FB.he is sooooooooo diff.well,d last time we saw each other was in standard 6,so yeah go figure how lain we are rite now! heee..its cool to hav him back as a fren.we're two diff people now,but yeah i do miss him since we're kinda close dlu.hee..

n yah,it makes me feel old too.having a long lost fren.lamaa gileee plak tu..6 years!! man,how old i am already??! *sigh*


i had dis,WONDERFUL dreams last nite..sungguh indah smpai aku rase mcm xnk bgn..haha! n yah it sure does brings a lot of memories dow..i was dreaming of my collegemate.n wat so cool about that dream is that,im flirting with smone.klo aku sebut name,konfem dak2 kolej sume taw..n even aku ckp ini pon,msti rmai yg knal.hahahaha..aku mimpi aku flirting dgn si pelakon dunia baru giler dooowww.... ;p


i love taylor swift.she's sweet,pretty,talented,everything i wish to b.n yah, i wish i hav a cute neighbour like she did in you belong to me v/clip.haha!

fyi,aku dgr lagu u belong to me tu lebeh dari 10 kali stiap ari.SERIOUSLY.


i always wish,i could learn how to dance.the 'step up' killer.


pelik tapi benar.ari2 gi kje,pnat kje la nk rht la..xde mase oke nk msg2..tapi,kedit nye abes jgk.hrmm..pahtu,alasan: penat..on9 xpnat kot? heh.


2morrow,if we're still tgther,wud b the 8months annivessary.last sunday was my 3rd month of being single.i feel like i've been single through my whole life.

its nice to have someone who you can really missed.tpi bile aku post kt FB 'i miss u' tnye sape..aku tak pnah jwb bnda btol.heh.n i find dat not telling the truth makes me feel hurt in the inside.. *sigh*


ONCE AGAIN,blog mngenai prasaan. -_-" im starting to annoy myself nowadays.



leely said...

pape pon nk injured or de cut jgn kat pale sudey~huhu

ringo said...

fuzzy fuzzy..

fuzzyskuzzy said...

npe babal? ko jeles eh aku mimpi dak tuh? wahahahah..

Anonymous said...

hahh.. so many love ere.. hahhaa.. slmat berpuasa...