Thursday, August 27, 2009


...cause im falling in looovveee ;p ;p

eh tak..itu gimik jek..smpena lirik lagu clumsy - fergie..hahaha..

i am being clumsy lately..dis week,i've cut n burn myself ( well at least a part of me) like,4 times already..the latest cut is on my left finger dan ouh sgt sakit mahu mnaip -_-"..i dunno when i got dis cut,it looks like a paper cut.pedih gile..uhukk..

the reason for the clumsiness? i have no clue.i think i just act the very the kelam kabut when im nervous or anxious or hav smthing in my mind..and right now,there's definitely more than smthing is happening in the head..

u know how it feels when u hav soooo much to say,but u only hav like soooo little time left? ur like in a rush to put everything in words ur saying but there's always smthing dat u smhow forgot to say.n usually dat smthing is so the very important part of the words pon.heh..dats how i felt rite now..i just dunno how to put it into words..if i try tu sum it all up,i might say the wrong thing or get misinterpreted or smthing.n yah i dun want dat to happen.its really hard to get smone to hav trust in you..i want my life back,i want my happiness back..but im not getting any of it n im on the way of making a new life..building a new life is smhow like putting everyhting u had had on the past away from you and start anew.and THAT,is least,finally,i can figure out smthing to hate u about.everybody knows how much i love u.but i do hate u now.

i hate u for leaving me.

p/s: maaf,blog kebelakangan byk mngenai perasaan.

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