Thursday, April 29, 2010

stress over the limit

yes,that's how i felt lately...i dunno what has got into me,but smtimes its just all stressing me out...last few days i was so stressed,i ended up sweeping and cleaning the whole house! HAHA..jadi stress2 la selalu supaye saye kemas rumah hehehehehehe no no jk ;p

during the whole cleaning process,i found smthing belongs to was a gift from a fren,he give it to me before i come to egypt.he gave me this note book,inside,there's a note.actually beside the book,he also gives me cookies from famous amos and a torchlight! hee..and there's a reason for every gifts.

1) he gave me my favourite cookies,bcoz he wanted me to be happy,as happy as i am while eating those scrumptious little thingy ;p
2) he gave me a torchlight,to lighten up my gloomy days.bcoz he wanted me to always lighten up and never feels like i am in the dark...
3) he gave me a notebook,a new one and empty one..bcoz he wanted me to write in it,as much how he wanted me to colour up my,open up a new book and started fresh. :)

so sweet right? im so glad i had frens like was a bless :) after finding the notes,it kinda boost me up,it does work la.psychological effect..hahaha..

im fine really.there's just so many things in my mind right now that hasn't settled yet.and my status as a medical student here is also in a hanging position..i dun really know how to explain about it,but it burdens me.dayng..!~ bila nak settle pasal wafideen ni ntah. T____T

i need sum,a new wardrobe maybe? bcoz i think im sick of the old one..macam dah boring gile boleh tak. -_-" and yes,sgt tak sbr nk masuk rumah baru....but then,im gonna miss this house..syarik rabe' also...huk3...

final is 1 month away.sungguh cuak.pray for me. ^^

p/s: al-fatihah buat ibu seorang rakan yg telah pergi bertemu Illahi semalam.rakan sempat pulang ke Malaysia ptg tadi...

i miss my late mom.seriously.

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