Sunday, May 2, 2010

honest and true ;p

what happens in pizza hut,stays in pizza hut.


last night was a blast...being able to re-unite with those people,is just so glad to know dat everything can still b the same,eventhough the situation has not...yesterday was more like driving down the memory lane,bringing back the old memories with those crowd that i SOOOOOOOOO glad everything is back to normal! :) ouh n yeah,laughing like hell last nite,i think my stomach had a cramp for a time for laughing so was real fun.thanx to them for making it happen :)

to those who may concern,we still know the 'barrier' thingy okey.don't worry.

hopefully the friendship will never end.hopefully.

p/s: someone is drifting away from me.maybe im just not the kind of fren that person wanted to be with...yela.saye tak pandai macam kawan-kawan awak. -_-"


Anonymous said...

kepandaian bukanlah ukuran untuk menjadi kawan.. if that person jadikan kepandaian as nilai pengukuran to be friend then he/she is absolutely not ur friend.. ChiLl okeii?

fuzzyskuzzy said...

i know,exactly..thanks yeah :)