Tuesday, April 13, 2010


u know what,i think that everyone should have a crush.yeah.a crush.someone who'd make u fall head over heels,the one dat can make u smile even at the sight of his shadows..oh,a celebrity crush is fine,i say.me myself have HUGE crush on many celebrities too n i even make them as my desktop wallpaper..in fact,right now my desktop is decorated by the sweet charming looking good Lee Dong Gun! :D but then,its better to have a real crush,i mean on a living person who actually breathes the same air as u do,in other word,someone near you.cud be ur neighbour.jeng3 ;p

u know why it is important to have a crush? haha.okey la,not important la..but then,having a crush would actually make ur day...somehow triggering ur adrenaline was not a bad idea at all..the excitement is somthing dat i think everyone should have a taste on..having the buuterfly inside the stomach to come out of you and makes u jump out of excitement and somehow lose ur balance and somehow,make a smile drawn on ur face. :)

okey faz,i know ur a transparent person...but then,u just have to learn how to CONTROL the emotions..bak kata zan,simpan hormon dalam poket..haha..bcoz,when im actually walking alone,and i saw my crush,smiling by myself won't help me hide my feelings..AND! nak bgtau ni..bcoz of the excitement of seeing the sight of my crush,i actually ter-pele'ot (ohgoshhowtospellthis) in front of him! YEAY! sgt memalukan! hahahahahahahahaa.sape suruh excited sgt...ouh and,i just saw him tadi..heeeeeeee....and i actually smiled stupidly alone.nmpk sgt la kn senyum sorang2 since there's actually NO ONE AT ALL at that time..haih..sungguh memalukan..but somehow,the embarassement is actually quite experiencing.haha. ;p

its something fun,really...i've been crushing on people since a long time i forgot how it feels to really,i mean,REAALLYY fall in love though..must be much more exciting than just having a crush right? even fighting would be thing that somehow,sweet..?? heeee...okay this is just crap.forgive me for taking ur time by reading this post.haha..the hormone still have affects on me..till then! daa~~~ :D:D

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