Wednesday, April 7, 2010

night light

" be friends with somebody you don't like" - quote from A Walk To Remember.

and for that,i've decided to add my ex boyfriend back at FB.well at least that's a start right? at least i'm trying to make friends with not the bad one now.YEAH! :D

i've just finished watching P/S I Love You again,and i cried,again.ahaha..the one story that never fails to make me cry,no matter how many times i've watch it.even if i watch it 3 times in a row,i bet i'd cry all d way..that story really touches me,deep baby..i dunno y,but somehow i always think that my life would end up like Holly's..after finding the one that makes me go crazy and go madly deeply in love with him,and finding the one who truly understands me and loves me all the way,i'll lose him.i dunno y,but this thought keep running in my mind..i know that its still a long way to go,and fate is not in my hand,but u know,there's just smthing inside me that keeps making me think of the same thing...but one thing,Holly stil have her mum.i don' the fact scares me.sometimes,i do feel like im facing this world alone..okeh dah malas nak ckp pasal ni coz it makes me sad soooo MOVE ALONGGG!!! ;p

ouh yeah,tadi pagi exam.mcm biaselah kan. T_T no need more explanation beybeh.the emoticon explains it all.haha.

lagu ni rangga yang bagi tadi.dia pon ade post kat blog dia kot.haha..btw juz wanna share it with you guys,bcoz i wanted to tell u guys dat,

♥how lovely it would be to have that stopwatch to freeze everything around you♥
even if it is only for a couple of minutes,to mess around with someone that you like that way.just like what he did in this video.COMELGILE! and yeahhh this landon guy is one hell pretty guy okkaaayyy..sangat kacak almost perfect sampai rase macam dia seorang yg gay hahaha tapi nama dia sgt slack la kannn..daymn btol..hahaha..but kind to think about it,tak ke orang2 sekeliling dia dlm video ni get pissed off sebab brg dorg hilang pastu tgk pompuan tu plak yg pgang kn,so tak ke mcm pffftttt hahahahaa okeh dah start dah byk ckp ;p

fakta...i thought i finally get over him,like,totally...but actually,the feeling is still there...forgive me for loving just the kind of person who finds it hard to fall in love but once i fall it's hard to get up again.erghh.cliche..tapi,betol. T_T

okeh.lagi satu.boleh tak semua orang tak payah nak perang2 blog lagi? mansoura city dah macam ape dah.udah-udah la tu mengutuk sesame sendiri ye.saye penat la..malas la nak semakkan kepala dengan benda2 macam gini.dah bosan.its time to grow up.GROW.UP.bajet XOXO gossip girls pulak la masing2 kan.ngeee...kalah nas terjah.haih.

baiklah itu saje ngomelan saye untuk hari ini.jom kite layan jiwang lagi.HAHA.

p/s: rasa macam nak cerita lagi la pasal untung si cantik dan si kacak.dan mungkin cerita mengenai hormon testosterone dan botak.HAHA..mumkin la.tgk rajin ke tak yerrrrrr ;p

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