Saturday, April 10, 2010

pyar dosti ;p

love is friendship.

but in reality, love can destroys friendship.

ironic isn't it?

forgive me for the dramatic start...i've just watched kuch kuch hota hai after ada apa dengan cinta?...both are stories about love and friendship..its amazing how a normal friendship can turn into a lovely relationship..but then how dramatic it would be when those love is actually make the boat of friendship sink.either between the two loved persons,or between the person with their friends..either way,this two lovely thing could get messed up...and things could get ugly..

its sucks to lose a friendship,no matter what way you lose them.death,separation,fights,or me.and KKHH reminds me of a friend who i used to have,and still hoping would have.but i've lost him already.haihh...and,i've been heartbroken like,so many times,i know im not ready to be broken hearted again...takyah bercinta da,kawen je tros snang HAHAHA.

we only live once,die once and loved once. :D

okey sangat merepek ye cik paz..i should stop watching all these love stories and hearing all these love songs...or i'll turn into this one jiwang freak.heee..

p/s: im loving the beautiful sleep.yeahhh...!~

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mei said...

haha. Yeah,u shud stop watching those love stories faz! bikin jiwa kacau sajaa!