Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The perfect date

I just had a perfect date
You and i in our favourite place
We sat there for hours with grace
Surely it was sweet and serenade

There you are in front of me
Perfect silence accompanying us
Your smile, your teeth at the right place
Your eyes, your smell its all so perfect

I sit at my place staring at you
At times i smile, can't help it your too cute
You shyly raised your cup of tea
Inviting me to have a sip

Your food came first but you waited for mine
We ate in silence
But smiling, wide inside

We sat there for another hour
Staring at each other
We sing along to the song together
Then laughed, looking at each other

Finally you stand up from your chair,
" can i have your number? " you said.

I just had a perfect date
With a stranger.

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