Thursday, January 24, 2013


everybody leaves.

the bird leaves its nest for food.
the worm leaves its cocoon to become a butterfly.
daddy leaves the house to go to work.
student leaves their school when they graduate.

i'll be leaving you too.
dear sweet smile and caring eyes.

you see, not everything that leaves you, never come back.
sometimes, they do.



Arham Md Ali said...

Nice. ^__^

koshary said...

tinggal lah kami merundum di tanah berpasir :P

fuzzyskuzzy said...

arham..hihi :D

kucai.. hahaha.. tolong jaga mesir k. nak bersuka ria dekat tempat paling best dalam dunia ni :D

Aujinz said...

ok ok ok... dah balik tak nak kabo

fuzzyskuzzy said...

Hahaha gedik la ojinnnn.. kan dah kabo niiiii :p