Tuesday, January 1, 2013


here comes the typical post by a typical blogger like me, saying goodbye to 2012, and heellllloooooo 2013! :D


2012 means, A LOT to me. i went to Istanbul early 2012, which was a really great place to see. seghioussss kalau ada masa ada duit insyaAllah nak pergi lagi! besides, i still have 20 Lira with me yg belum guna. kengkononnya nak pergi lagi sekali kan. hikhik. then there's the International Cultural Day, the university event yg sgt besar dan meriah dan best and yes, i'm happy to be a part of the team :) and i have the most awesome summer ever! pergi bumi jati, janda baik, Chance! charity, iftar with KULN, meeting new people, singgah sahur in Muar, volunteering on a few events and banyaaaaakkkk lagi. karaoke sampai 1 pagi, jumpa orang tersayang berkali-kali. my brother's wedding! well semua orang pon dah agak memang abang no 3 yg akan kawen dulu. lol. so yeah, alhamdulillah its a bliss. last friday we had the 3rd volleyball tournament, i've been involved with volley since penubuhan kelab lagi, and it feels good that i can still commit to it until now. alhamdulillah tournament kali ni dapat no 3, dapat pingat and sijil lagi ;)
lots of place i've seen, and lots of things i've learned. to conclude it, it was a great year. :)

secara human nya of coz i've been at the down side of the road also. i miss my chance to be at my best friend's engagement party, which we've been waiting for since kindergarten years. i build a new relationship just to know that it went down the hill with just a silly mistake. i had a fight with my bestie and it hasn't been the same since then. well this is just to name a few. i had my lost. i was sad. but then again, that's what life is about. i can't have all the good ones without tasting the bad one right? so yeah. alhamdulillah sebab sekurang-kurangnya i'm still here. Allah tabahkan hati menempuhi semua benda ni. :)

azam 2013? i have trouble trying to remember what was my resolution was when 2012 came. haha. tah-tah takde azam pon. :p kebanyakan member-member dah start berazam nak kahwin. somehow that's not in my list. tapi tanak cakap jugak lah. entah-entah nanti kahwin jugak 2013 mana tau kan. but then again kena cari calon dulu lah yer ;p mostly, i just want to be better. i want to do better. i want to have something that i am really good at it instead of being Miss A-bit-of-everything. i want to be excellent. insyaAllah.

akhir kalam, selamat tahun baru. selamat 2013. umur makin singkat. semoga amalan makin dipertingkat.

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Aujinz said...

Azam... nanti saya buat entri.. koh koh koh