Thursday, November 10, 2011

i challenge you :)

tomorrow is 11/11/11...a pretty date that only occurs once every a thousand years. so lets make it a memorable moment for us. for you. for me. :)

i challenge each of you who reads this post, to do something on this date. something that you thought you never would do. something that is good for you but you are always afraid to do it. i challenge you to make a record for yourself! doesn't matter what its all about, as long as it is something that for you,impossible to achieve. :)

for example, ask someone to marry you. write a book or at least start writing one. go run 10km when at usual you'll only run 5km. post your first video on youtube. study the whole case when normally u can only do half. take your first sunrise picture. read the Quran more than you usually do. go say i love you to that someone. :) in simple word, do whatever you never thought you would do, do it tomorrow.

now, who would like to take this challenge? :)


deep said...

cabar diri untuk balik shahellam dengan hati yg tenang agak2 boleh x? hahaha

fuzzyskuzzy said...

haha mencabar sgt tu utk kau kan deep. silalah :p semoga berjaya :p

R* said...

cool. maybe i should think of something. hehe.

deep said...

xberjaya. huh