Wednesday, November 16, 2011

challenge accepted? its 16 november already. remember on 11/11/11, i challenged my readers to do something for themselves? so, what did you do? :)

some of my friends did accept the challenge, and i was like, okaayy that's cool! and ada jugak a few friends yg achieve what they want a few days after. tehehe. so what if it happens on 13/11/11 ?? or 14/11/11? or whatever date it will be, all of them only comes once in a thousand years jugak! ^__^

there are people who,when being challenged like that,tend to do things more actively,or baru tergerak hati nak buat, sebab kena cabar. so the main reason i did the challenge is actually not for you to have a memorable thing on 11/11/11,but to realize that, you can do it, if you want to. its in the power of will :) everyday is special, so y not make ur everyday worth? :)

p/s: saya masih melangkah kecil.


Hamizan Nasir said...

kenapa mesti kau tulis tarikh 13/11/2011 tu faz. kau saje je kan. hahaha

fuzzyskuzzy said...

eh. terasew kewwww hewhewhew :p:p:p