Friday, November 25, 2011

don't just leave me hanging on...

you know, each time i saw u on the streets, i just have to look away for awhile, before i can look back at your face. why? while looking away, these things were on my mind :-

  • i hope i look okay
  • taking a deep breath. like, deeeeeeeeep breathhhhhhhhh.......
  • do i have any zits on my face? if i do, i hope u didn't notice it
  • i'm gonna smile at you. *ready for a big smile*
  • i hope my face is not showing how much my heart actually jumps when i see you
  • let's plan for a nice conversation with you
  • i hope i don't do or say anything silly in front of you
  • please don't trip. please don't trip. please don't trip. and please don't melt >.<
  • i hope you get the best image of me.

yeah. in a split second, that's how things r running inside my head. i just want to appear as perfect as any human being could be. especially when i'm with you.

and after that, even though i didn't  look back at you, i hope YOU look back at me afterwards.

photo source : tumblr

that's how much i'm in love with you. though i know i'll never get your love. :')


Hamizan Nasir said...

faz, jiwang lah. hahaha. kau tak boleh cakap kau takkan dapat faz. kau tak tahu lagi masa depan kau, jangan lah cakap takkan. apa yang kau cakap, boleh jadi doa. apa yang kau fikir, tu yang kau akan dapat. kau usaha je. miracles happen. cewah poyo betul aku nasihatkan kau. kahkah

fuzzyskuzzy said...